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7 Minute Muscle Review

7 minute muscleThe 7 Minute Muscle body system is a body building e-book guide comprising 126 pages. It starts by elaborating these three things:

• The 7-minute muscle theory and why it works
• Its merits
• A ‘how-to’ for performing the 7-minute exercise routine the right way

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The author

The 7 Minute Muscle system is a product of Jon Benson, author of some other best sellers, such as Fit Over 40 and The Every Other Day Diet.

What you will get

The material in 7-Minute Muscle is a product of more than three years of research, testing and writing the knowledge that the author gathered by reading body-building and fitness books of the 50s and 60s. The 7-Minute Muscle system comprises a training manual containing every vital aspect of muscle building gleaned from his extensive research.

The best part is that it is presented in a clear and concise form that’s not too complicated to understand. There are also seven digital videos demonstrating the various workouts for the different body parts. When you buy 7-minute Muscle, you become entitled to a lifetime of bargain-price discounts on a range of products from the author.


For just $77, you will get everything you deserve and more from this body building guide. It doesn’t end there, if you feel that you’re not getting what you want, you can get your $77 back, as long as you make your claim within 60 days of purchase. Your money will be refunded without any inquiries why you want it back.

The good things with 7-minute Muscle

One thing that is very catchy about 7-Minute Muscle is its mental aspect that the author carefully incorporates into the system. Most body building programs entirely focus on the physical aspect of working out your different muscles, without touching on the mental aspect of it, where you let your mind take charge of the fat burning and the muscle-building process.

Many studies have indicated that individuals who engage their minds and condition themselves mentally for body building produce far better results than those who simply hop into the whole exercise regimen without even thinking about it first.

However, in the 7-Minute Muscle guide, Jon Benson underscores a much-neglected feature of exercise – the mental factor. This one thing is what makes the difference and can prove more effective than any other factor.

The not-so good things

It’s important to first dissect the title of the guide before we let ourselves be taken for a ride. The name 7-Minute Muscle is not in vain. The seven minutes being stated here are actually the seven minutes being devoted to the workouts.

The author includes an additional nine minutes for cardio routines – jogging, walking, and swimming, among others. But when you put it all together, it only comes to 16 minutes of training every day. This seems much less than the recommended 30-40 minutes of any exercise program. And it seems unrealistic too; to yield the results claimed.


Having said all, the 7-Minute Muscle is a guide worth its money. It suits almost anyone; from students and working individuals to hard-core trainers and athletes. It is certainly worth more than just taking a look at.

7 minute muscle review

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7 Minute Muscle Review