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A Brutal Diet For Insane Muscle Gain

The Iron Guru was the first to utter what has become a mantra for serious bodybuilders, "Bodybuilding is eighty percent diet." If you want to grow your muscles you have to engage in heavy workouts and you have to eat right!

It isn't enough to grunt and groan, sweat and strain during hours spent at the gym, you have to ingest tons of protein to rebuild that muscle tissue that your strenuous workouts are tearing down.

The protein you eat must be of the sort that is easily assimilated by your cells after being metabolized by your digestive system. This is how to build muscle fast with diets in conjuction with great weight training workout routines.

You also have to take the right supplements to augment your dietary protein. These supplements should also include those amino acids that accelerate your protein absorption.

On top of all of this you must get lots of rest so that your body can rebuild that muscle tissue.

Your body also needs natural fats in order to digest, metabolize and assimilate all that protein you are consuming.

Some of the healthiest people in the world are those who get most of their calories from protein, like the Eskimos. These natural people eat almost entirely meat as there is little edible vegetation where they live.

Their diet is heavily laden with animal fats, too.

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Here's an outline of what you have to eat for protein requirements for muscle mass:

* Poultry - Particularly turkey breast that is possibly the best source of animal protein you can find. Chicken is also a very good source of protein, as are duck, goose and Cornish Game Hens. Stick to roasted, broiled or grilled poultry. Pan frying in healthy oils (olive, canola, peanut) is okay, too.

* Beef - Lean, grass-fed beef is a great source of protein. Organ meat, particularly liver, is very good for your blood and helps to better utilize all the protein you are ingesting.

* Pork - About everything on the pig is good. The exceptions are processed foods like sausage and bacon. These contain preservatives and other ingredients that may contribute to health problems.

* Fats - Your body needs natural fats in order to process and assimilate protein. It also supplies energy (fats are stored energy after all).

* Seafood - All seafood is a great source of protein. Of particular importance is the flesh of fatty fish like tuna, salmon, albacore, swordfish, mackerel, sardines and amberjack. The omega3 fatty acids in these fish are very beneficial to your health.

* Eggs - If you can get fertilized eggs, these are a great source of essential amino acids, protein and will boost your testosterone levels, according to researchers.

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* Dairy Products - Healthy, essential fats are in milk (preferably raw, non-pasteurized or homogenized), cream and unprocessed cheeses.

* Vegetables - Eat lots of salad greens, cabbage and other high-fiber vegetables. Avoid starchy or sugary vegetables like rice, potatoes, yams, tomatoes and the like.

* Supplements - You should supplement your high-protein diet with a good protein powder, essential amino acid compounds (Lipo-3), desiccated liver tables, kelp, wheat germ oil.

For a muscle building diet program, you should plan on eating six small meals per day. The few carbohydrates you eat should be in the morning and none after 2:00PM. Drink copious amounts of water.

Make your selections of protein from the list supplied herein. Turkey breast is a great source of usable protein.

Canned tuna also is in evidence in any bodybuilding gym because it is edible right out of the can with a little olive oil and seasoning (hot sauce for the brave)

Avoid alcohol and caffeine beverages, though a little green tea will supply good antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals.

I hope this information is helpful to you in your quest for the best body you can have.

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