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Ditch The Sit-Ups: Here's The Path To That Six-Pack

Every since our first bodybuilder, the caveman Oogah, picked up a rock in his cave and did overhead presses, the sit-up has been thought to be the best way to trim our waist and develop a six-pack of abdominals.

Modern bodybuilding science has shown that this simply isn't true.

Sure, sit-ups will help you build a strong core, but a formula for six-pack success they are not. The Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, was never a strong advocate of sit-ups for waist development.

Vince was the forerunner of specialized exercises for specific body parts and he had the best abs in the bodybuilding game in his heyday.

There are more muscles in your core section that just the abdominals. It is important to include workouts for abs as well.

Also, there are compound exercises that work different parts of the same muscle or several muscles in the group.

Here are some exercises that will build and define all of your waist muscles; upper and lower abdominals, front and rear obliques and your lower back.

* Crunches - In a supine position on a floor mat, legs raised and bent and your hands behind your head, raise your head in a curling motion towards your knees, contracting your waist muscles hard.

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Do not pull with your arms, but use your stomach muscles to curl you body. Hold the crunch for a two-count, then return to the floor. Don't pause at the floor, but immediately perform another crunch.

Do as many as you can for three sets.

* Compound Crunches - In the same position as for crunches, twist your body to your left as you crunch, return to start position, then twist your body to your right as you crunch. This works the abs and the obliques and is know to be a geat abs exercise.

* Good Morning with Barbell - Standing erect with your feet at shoulder width and a light barbell behind your neck, lean forward until your body is at a ninety degree angle to the floor. Return and repeat. This works your lower back and abdominals.

* Twisting Good Morning - In the same position as for the Good Morning, when you reach the fully bent over position, twist your body first to your left then to your right, then back to the center and return to start position. This adds the obliques to the muscles worked.

* Barbell Side Bends - In the same start position as for the Good Morning, first bend to the left, crunching the obliques and then bend to the right crunching. Keep your head facing forward throughout the exercise.

* Jackknife - Supine on the floor mat with your arms and legs extended, bend in your middle as you raise your legs and arms. Reach for your feet with both legs and arms straight. Hold this position while crunching your abdominals. Return and repeat for as many reps as you can perform.

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* Wall Crunches - Supine on the floor mat next to the wall with your legs nearly straight and feet on the wall. Curl your head towards your knees while holding your hands behind your head. Crunch your abs and hold that position. Return and repeat.

* Pull Up Bar Leg Raises - Taking a wide grip on the pull up bar, raise your legs slowly to a ninety degree angle while crunching your abs. Hold that position for a 2 count, return and repeat for ten reps.

* Pull Up Bar Front Levers - Take the same position as for the leg raises and keeping your arms stiff, lever your body up as high as you can and hold this position while crunching your abs. Lower and repeat.

I hope that these waist exercises will help you achieve your goals.

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truth about abs

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