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Twenty-Eight Day "Get Ripped" Diet: A Contest Preparation Diet

Before the "chemical era" of bodybuilding, contest participants (and wannabes) had to rely solely on good nutrition, natural supplements and hard work in the gym to achieve any level of success.

A natural approach to building muscle and developing bodies to their full potential creates permanent, long-term results, unlike the temporary musculature created by artificial chemical performance enhancers.

A contest preparation diet used by most successful bodybuilders in that earlier era, evolved from principles set forth by the Iron Guru, which were adopted and adapted by championship trainers the world over.

The main principles are to load your system with natural protein, fats, amino acids and other supplements, while consuming minimal carbohydrates.

This diet was expected to last about four weeks (28 days), but sometimes was extended to double that.

The purpose of this eating regimen was to remove the last vestiges of subcutaneous fat, allowing huge muscle separation and vascularity. This is the secret behind getting six pack abs and using workouts to get ripped mucles in abs.

Pictorial testimony of the success of this approach is available in all of the old muscle magazines.

A number of websites today have professionally posed shots of many of these athletes, mostly reprints from the periodicals of the fifties through the mid-eighties.

Researchers say that human tissue is 100% biological in terms of amino acid structure. For the best muscle growth, we should be consuming proteins that are as close to our own biological make-up.

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Protein that is 100% biological for consumption is only available to cannibals.

Eggs are 95% biological, so they are one of the most perfect foods for adding muscle tissue. Eggs are only 6% protein, but it is 95% usable in building human muscles.

After eggs, come milk, organ meats (liver, kidneys, heart, and sweetbreads), beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish.

Soy beans do not supply good protein since they are only 22% biological and you would have to eat huge quantities to achieve an amino acid balance.

The Iron Guru recommended to his clients that they use eggs for huge muscle growth, instead of anabolic steroids. He advocated up to three dozen eggs daily, but only for a very short period of time.

After six or eight weeks, the volume should be cut to about two per day.

The "killer" 28 day diet advocated by bodybuilding champions is outlined herein:

* Day One through Four

o Eat copious amounts of protein with eggs, dairy and meat being the primary natural sources.

o Eat as close to zero carbohydrates as possible.

o Drink a lot of water.

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* Day Five

o Eat normally of a balanced diet with fiber rich carbohydrates from fresh vegetables and fruits.

o Twenty-five percent of your calories should come from protein.

o Avoid any refined sugars and starches.

o Drink a lot of water

* Days Six through Nine

o Repeat the diet of days one through four.

* Day Ten

o Repeat of day five.

* Days Eleven through Fourteen

o Repeat of days one through four.

* Day Fifteen

o Repeat of day five.

* Days Sixteen through Nineteen

o Repeat of days one through four.

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* Day Twenty

o Repeat of day five.

* Day Twenty-one through Twenty-Four

o Repeat of days one through four.

* Day Twenty-Five

o Repeat of day five.

* Days Twenty Six through Twenty-Eight.

o Repeat of days one through four.

Supplements that should be taken daily: Whey protein powder mixed with raw milk and a little honey.

Kelp tablets Amino Acids Compound (Lipo3, L-Glucosamine) Wheat Germ Oil Desiccated Liver tablets

I hope that this program will be of benefit to you in your striving for physical perfection.

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