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How to Get Abs Fast | Six Packs Workout

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Everyone wants that great looking, ripped six pack that you often see on Abercrombie models and in magazines. But how do you get one? The answer lies in this section of articles on how to get ripped abs!

We will explore what it takes to get a ripped stomach and give you a routine that is sure to bring out every one of those abs.

As you may have read, building a six pack requires extreme dedication and commitment to your diet and your workouts. Many fitness professionals often say that, “a sick pack is made in the kitchen” - and while this may be partly true, you do need a killer abdominal routine to really help those abs pop out.

Your abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body - they require an intense workout to grow any bigger. Many people make the mistake of doing hundreds of crunches a day, but the truth is that you only need a few select exercises with the right amount of weight to get that six pack.

Add this ab routine to your daily workouts and you’ll surely notice you’re core getting stronger and stronger by the day:

Abdominal Circuits

Each exercise is performed in a circuit-like manner (i.e. one set of leg raises followed immediately by situps, etc). At the end of each round, take a 45 second break. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds. This routine focuses on endurance and really isolating each section of the abdominals.

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Lying Leg Raises x 25
Decline Situps  x 25
Medicine Ball Twist x 20 each side
Front Bridge x 90 second
Side Bridge (left and right) x 45 seconds

Like the workout above, perform this for 3 rounds, but only take a 30 second break in between rounds. This workout incorporates a short recovery time with heavier weight lifted. This will really encourage your abdominals to grow and get stronger.

Weighted Hanging Leg Raises (attach a plate onto a lifting belt or hold a dumbbell between your feet)  x 12
Decline Situps holding a 25 lb plate x 12
Weighted Lying Leg Raises (medicine ball/dumbbell between feet) x 12
Ab Cable Curls x 20

Because your abdominals are huge stabilizing muscles, they will get a lot of indirect work through compound exercises like barbells squats, bench press, pullups and row. Focusing on keeping your core tight while performing isolation exercises like dumbbell curls, tricep extensions, and lat pulldowns will also help bring out your six pack.

Of course with all this talk about your workout, you can’t forget about your nutrition. If your diet is perfect, you will never be able to burn that layer of fat over your abdominals. Your diet plays a crucial part in obtaining a six pack and you can’t neglect it. Make sure you have calculated your daily allowance of calories and you have developed a meal plan that is balanced and gives you all the micronutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Hopefully this article has provided you with a routine that challenges you and helps you bring out that six pack. As long as you work hard at your abs workout, are dedicated to your diet, and are consistent, a six pack shouldn’t be far away!

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