Learn How to Build Muscle

Advanced Muscle Building Training Techniques

Looking to build some serious muscle? Look no further! This article will explain some of the best muscle building techniques for advanced lifters.

These techniques are best used by individuals who have been training for quite a while. It is best that you have a solid base a muscle before implementing these techniques into your workouts.

These techniques have been used by some of the most famous bodybuilders of all time – Arnold, Ronnie, and Cutler!

Read on to find out how you can build the physique you’ve always wanted!

There are many different muscle building techniques that you can incorporate into your training. Drop sets, super sets, and adjusting the tempo of your lifts can all help build muscle faster. Drop sets are performed by picking a set amount of weight and after performing the desired number of reps, dropping the weight down immediately and performing another set.

This can be repeated as many times as you like. For example, if you were doing bicep curls you could start with 40 pounds and perform 12 reps, then pick up 30 pounds and immediately perform another 12 reps. Drop sets will thoroughly burn out the muscle and ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

Super sets are another great muscle building technique for advanced lifters. These can be performed by working the same muscle group or opposing muscle groups (biceps and triceps, back and chest, etc).

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Super sets are done by performing two different exercises one after the other with little to no rest in between. These are best done when you want an intense workout in a short amount of time. It is also ideal for those who like minimal rest between exercises and want a good pump while lifting.

Adjusting the tempo at which you lift at can increase muscle building immensely. The tempo of your lift refers to the amount of time it takes you to lower and raise the weight. Many people like to increase the amount of time they lower the weight – or the negative contraction time.

This is when the muscle is stretched rather than contracted. Increasing this time can help improve your form, and get a better stretch within the muscle. It also places the muscle under stress for a greater amount of time – leading to more muscle tearing and bigger muscle.

Advanced lifters will also experiment with their repetition range and the amount of sets they do for an exercise. Sometimes, switching from high rep ranges such as 10-12 to low rep ranges like 5-8 can confuse your muscles and help you avoid plateaus. It takes many years of training and a high level of knowledge to know when to alter the rep ranges for optimal growth – something that Arnold was very good at.

The best way to see an increase in muscle is to always lift more volume than your previous session. Don’t be afraid to experiment with techniques such as the ones I’ve discussed above, and always keep your nutrition and recovery in check. Do these few things perfectly and I can guarantee that you will see results in no time!

burn the fat

burn the fat