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Amazing Self Review | Mark Ling

review of amazing self mark lingAmazing Self is a magazine that is published on monthly basis. It is the effort of Mark Ling and Amanda Selby – with contribution from a number of leading authors and experts in varying fields of specializations.

 There are two packages through which you can get Amazing Self: an annual subscription at a fee of $147 (which would translate to about $12 a month), or purchase the monthly copies at $37 each.

Amazing Self is a new style, one of a kind interactive personal development guide created for anyone that feels like they are in a maze at that particular point in their lives. Continue reading our review of Amazing Self to find out more...

Our review of Amazing Self

The system’s approach is unique because it is more of a ‘lifestyle’ guide that will open your eyes to new and exciting ways you could transform your health, wealth and mindset for the better. The most encouraging thing about Amazing Self is that it is put together by some of the leading self-help coaches, counselors, coaches and internet entrepreneurs.

Amazing Self consists of four sections – health, wealth, relationships and mindset. Each of these focus areas comprises about 4 articles that explore the topic in details.

On top of the magazine, you are offered an hour long audio track – the Amazing Journey Sessions – which is a collection of useful tips to help you on your success journey. At times, it can be a collection of interviews, while other times it might be information, but either way, you are bound to greatly benefit from the contents of the audio track.

You’ll also get a few videos that will show you how to build wealth. Although some of the videos are targeted towards affiliate marketers, you can surely pick a few tips here and there to incorporate in whatever business you’re involved in.

amazing self review

The focus areas

Health – there are two main contributors here – Tracey Trimmer and Sarah Sanders. You will get everything you need to know and more about life-changing health decisions.

Wealth – this is Mark Ling’s area of focus. Mark has years of experience and success as an internet marketer. There’s no doubt that he is also the marketing brain behind Amazing Self but more importantly, he is credited for his contribution to the Abundant Wealth collection of videos where he shares the most up to date ways of generating riches in your life.

Relationships – the contributors here are Mirabelle Summers and Slade Shaw who have in-depth knowledge on the subject of relationships.

Mindset – when you finally sign up to this magazine and log into the member’s area, you will firstly have access to the first ever edition of Amazing Self, all of the 196 pages in a downloadable PDF format.

You will also check out the first issue of the ‘Amazing Journey Sessions’. The first episode features Mark Ling and Mark Joyner. There are lots of bonuses too, about three in total.

On the whole, Amazing Self is another top notch product from Mark Ling’s lineup, specifically designed to help you succeed in almost every aspect of your life. It is quite in-depth and it’s presented in a catchy format.

amazing self review

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