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Eight Moves To A Thick, Wide Back: Exercises That Give You That "V" Shape

A broad, spreading back will give you that "V" shape that looks so good, whether you are in a swimsuit or dressed for the opera.

The ideal "X" and "Y" shaped bodies incorporate well developed and defined Latissimus Dorsi, the broad muscle on the side of the back and Teres Major that crosses the scapula and connects with the rear deltoids.

Included in the back muscle groups are the Trapezius, connecting into the neck muscles, the Rhomboids in the upper/inner back and the Erector Spinae of the lower back.

It is important to work every part of the back to have a strong and balanced physique.

A total back workout routine should be divided into three parts: Lats, Upper Back and Lower Back. A modern approach to bodybuilding will have your focusing on your back one workout per week.

Back muscles will also get worked when you are doing exercises for other muscle groups, but the focus day will blitz them.

Latissmus Dorsi and Teres Major

Body weight exercises should begin the routine, and then move on to the weight bars and machines.

* Pull-Ups -Using a wide grip, pull your body up until your chin tops the bar, slowly return to full arm extension. Ten repetitions for three sets

* Bent Arm Pullover - On a bench with a barbell on the floor, assume a supine position and reach back past your shoulders and grasp the bar with a shoulder width grip. Keeping your arms bent slightly, pull the weight to your chest in a circular motion. Return and repeat the move. Ten repetitions for three sets.

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* Lat Machine Pull-Downs - Using a cable-and-pulley lat machine, pull the bar down to your chest. Return and repeat. Ten repetitions for three sets.

* Front Lever Pull-Downs - With your arms straight, grasp the bar on the lat machine and lever the weight down to your waist with your hands moving in a circular motion and arms straight throughout the move.

* Bent Over Rowing - Using a barbell, stand erect with your feet spread. Bend your body from the waist ninety degrees. Grasp the bar with hands wide and pull the weights to your chest. To return, rotate the weights towards your waist and slowly return the weight to the floor. Repeat. Ten repetitions for three sets.

Trapezius and Rhomboids

These muscles tie the upper back with the neck.

* Barbell Shrugs - With a heavily loaded barbell grasped in both hands with a wide grip, lift the weight with a shrugging motion, rotating your shoulders forward while keeping your arms straight. Repeat for a total of ten repetitions for three sets. Perform three more sets with a reverse rotation of your shoulders.

Erector Spinae

Weak erector spinae contribute to lower back problems and a protruding stomach.

* Back Extensions - lying prone on a mat with your hands clasped behind your head, curl your upper body upwards while keeping your middle, legs and feet on the floor. Contract the lower back muscles while in the top position. Return and repeat for ten repetitions and three sets.

* Back Extensions With The Swiss Ball - With your stomach on the ball, legs straight and hands behind your head, curl your upper body upwards, contract and hold for a two count. Return and repeat for ten repetitions and three sets.

This should be your back workout exercise that is performed once a week. Your back will get worked on other days when you exercise other muscle groups, but the focus day is the key to that broad, muscular, sculptured back.

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