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Know Your Muscle Building Exercises - The Back

With the vast amount of information available to you, it can sometimes is can be hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to building muscle.

Indeed, being critical about what you read and hear is an important part of making an informed decision and putting together a routine that is best for you.

In this article I will discuss how to build muscle and more specifically, some of the most effective exercises for building your back muscles.

Muscles are generally defined as contractile tissues that function to produce force or cause motion. Your muscles can be classified into three different types - skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. For the purpose of this article, we will be talking about smooth muscle - which is responsible for the voluntary movement of your body.

Within smooth muscle, there are two types of muscle fibers: slow twitch and fast twitch. Slow twitch fibers contract for a very long time but require almost no force, whereas fast twitch fibers contract for a short amount of time and fatigue very fast but are very powerful.

It is important to understand this because different types of muscle need to be worked in different ways in order to be fully stimulated. For example, you calves are considered slow twitch muscles which means they benefit from low weight high rep exercises. Your back however, is largely made up of fast twitch fibers and therefore benefits from high weight low rep movements.

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Keeping the above concepts in mind while making your back routine is very important. Performing exercises in the wrong rep range can lead to wasted time and effort. For an efficient, mass building back routine, try to stick to heavy compound movements like the deadlift, row and pullup.

These exercises are guaranteed to work as many muscles in the back as possible. For hypertrophy, all three of these exercises should be performed in the 5-6 set range with around 5-8 reps per set. This focuses less on endurance and more on power and strength.

All three of the above compound exercises are the best for building muscle mass. Using barbells for both deadlifts and rows allows you to lift a large amount of weight - compared to using dumbbells. When performing both the barbell deadlift and the barbell row, it is imperative that you use proper technique.

These exercises (especially the deadlift) may take a while to learn, but you will soon find that there are perhaps no better exercises for building muscle mass. As for pullups, you will see the best results if you do around 10 reps each set. Once you can complete 10 reps with your bodyweight, add weight using a lifting belt and work your way back up to 10 reps. This will help define and chisel your back in ways you never thought possible.

As with any workout program, you may feel like you need to do other exercises to really fatigue the muscle. Thats where isolation exercises come in. Try adding lat pulldowns or back extensions to the end of your routine to exhaust the muscle.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand how to build muscle and what exercise to perform to build a ripped, strong back. Work hard and be consistent and you will have an envious back in no time!

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brilliant yoga