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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Back Mass

A thick, solid back is something all bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts hope to acquire. Are you doing the most effective exercise to achieve this?

This article will outline the five top exercises for increasing back mass and strength. Once you add them to your routine you will not be disappointed!

Read on to learn about these five great exercises and how they can help you build a back like Arnold!

The first most effective exercise for increasing back mass is the pullup. The pullup works almost every muscle of your upper body. It is especially useful for developing and defining the muscles of the upper back - the lats and the rhomboids.

They are great compound back exercises to add during the beginning of your back workout or towards the end to really exhaust the muscle. As you get better at them, you can switch your grip or hand placement to target different areas of your back or increase difficulty.
The second best exercise for adding overall mass and strength to your back is the deadlift. Many individuals shy away from the deadlift because they feel that there is too much risk involved in the movement.

While it is a complicated exercise, if done properly it has a low risk of injury. Because the deadlift is a compound exercise, it works many muscles in the body at one time. Deadlifts work the quadriceps, hamstrings, spinal erectors, lats, traps, abdominals, hip flexors, triceps, rhomboids, and deltoids – just to name a few!

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Rows are the third top exercise for developing back mass. These can be performed using barbells, dumbbells, machines, or cables. Whatever your method of resistance, these are sure to target your lats. Working in the 5-8 rep range during your sets will encourage your body to build bigger muscles, while the 10-12 rep range will increase your endurance.

The lat pulldown is basically the same as the pullup, except instead of pulling your weight up you are pulling it down. Lat pulldowns are great for those who want to increase back strength but cannot do pullups yet. This exercise also allows you to vary your grip and hand position just like during a pullup. As with most back exercises, your biceps will be used secondarily during the lat pulldown.
One of the most overlooked but most effective exercises for your back is the back extension. The back extension is performed by placing your thighs on the pads and your calves under the foot pads. Keeping your back straight, slowly lower yourself towards the ground until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings or your cannot go down any further.

Raise yourself up by contracting your glutes and tightening your lower back. The back extension primarily works the spinal erectors and the hamstrings. With the large amount of people suffering from lower back problems, this is a great exercise to strengthen that area and keep your back strong.

Add these five great exercises to your next back routine to add mass and strength. Each of these exercises can help you see incredible results if done properly!

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turbulence training