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Secrets For Overcoming Sticking Points - Part II: Back and Arm Exercises

As I promised in the previous newsletter, here are some more exercises to help you get past those sticking points in your muscle building. If you missed the earlier newsletter, click here for part 1 of the secrets for overcoming sticking points in muscle growth.

Adding these few highly specialized exercises to your routine should get you off the plateau and continue your ascent up that bodybuilding mountain.

It is very important that you perform these exercises exactly as they are described. It is also very important that you focus your attention on the muscle being worked as you exercise.

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In the prequel to this newsletter, I covered shoulders and chest exercises, here are some more for other body muscle groups.

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Back - Your back has developed well from all the pull-ups, lat machine pull-downs and bent over rowing, but here is a seated rowing exercise that will really spread those lats.

* Your pulley and cable must be set up with the lower pulley, the one feeding the cable to the handgrips, six feet off the floor.

* Seated with your legs braced against the footrest and slightly bent and hands close together, lean forward as far as you can with your head between your arms.

* Start pulling back on the handgrip and sit back up at the same time.

* Your chest should come to the perpendicular and your shoulders should be back and down, contracting the lats. Your knees should be kept bent throughout the motion.

* Remember this is a rowing motion so you should be pulling the handgrip to your chest and then rotating it down to your waist and back forward again.

* Remember to focus on contracting and pulling the lats as you make the moves.

Triceps - Your triceps have developed well from triceps press-downs, French presses and reverse dips, but this exercise using a rope and bench will blitz them as never before.

* Using that same six foot high pulley-cable machine with at least a ten foot cable, install a knotted rope handle grip and place the small bench perpendicular to the travel of the cable.

* Use a weight that you can handle for eight to ten repetitions.

* Kneel with your back to the cable-pulley machine, reach back over and grasp the ends of the knotted rope in each hand, lean forward and place your forehead on the bench with your arms along side.

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* Extend your arms fully, contracting the triceps and hold for a two-count.

* Return to the start position being sure to that your hands touch your upper back.

Biceps - Barbell curls, preacher bench curls, dumbbell curls and lat machine pull-down curls have brought you this far, but now you want to grow and shape your biceps even more.

Here is another curl from the Iron Guru, one that is definitely not your regular type of barbell curl.

* Begin with a barbell and weights you can handle for eight to ten reps, about fifty percent of your present maximum.

* Stand erect and place your elbows on your hipbones.

* Decline your body slightly back so your head and shoulders are behind your hips.

* As you begin to curl the barbell, straighten your body and begin to lean forward as you complete the curl and your biceps are totally contracted.

* Reverse the sequence and lower the bar to the start position.

* It should take about five or six seconds to complete one curl.

* Practice this with an empty bar until you get the move right and it feels natural.

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