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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Bicep Mass

Everyone wants huge, ripped biceps like Jay Cutler, right? Right! Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, building them is hard work!

Many people make the mistake of performing the wrong biceps exercises or doing them improperly. A bad routine and the wrong technique can hinder your progress significantly. Don’t make that mistake!

Read on to learn about the 5 top exercises for increasing bicep mass and how to perform them correctly!

Many people think that hours and hour of curls will get them bigger biceps, and while curls are very effective for building your biceps, compound exercises like the row are even better! The row can be performed using cables, dumbbells, machines, or barbells.

This is primarily a back exercise but trust me, your biceps will be hurting by the end. The technique for the row is fairly simple; start by grasping the dumbbell, bar, or cable with your hands. In a controlled manner, bring the weight towards you and stop when it reaches the middle of your torso.

When doing this movement, focus on pulling your shoulder blades together. It is important that you don’t swing the weight or rotate your body – keep your back straight and your abdominals tight. Lower the weight and repeat again!

The second compound exercise ideal for bicep building is the pullup. Again, this is an exercise usually done for the back, but it hits the biceps incredibly well. Start by gripping the bar with your palms facing away from you. Contract your abdominals and raise your body above the bar. Lower yourself and start over again. Pretty simple, but dangerously effective!

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As I mentioned, besides compound exercises, curls are the best exercise for your biceps. The first variation of the curl that should certainly be in your bicep routine is the preacher curl. Preacher curls are performed by placing your arms on a pad and then lowering and raising the weight.

This is a great exercise because it prevents you from using momentum to raise the weight and stops you from swinging your body. Beginners should start with this exercise as it teaches you how to properly perform a curl.

Once you have mastered the preacher curl, move on to the traditional bicep curl. These can be done with a barbell, cable, machine, or dumbbell. A dumbbell allows you to get a bigger range of motion while a cable or machine helps to stabilize your arm. A barbell is ideal for those who can lift a large amount of weight – just don’t curl in the squat rack!

Because you don’t have the pad to keep your arm stationary, make sure to contract your abdominals and keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. As soon as you feel your form failing, switch to a lighter weight.

Lastly, incorporating hammer curls into your routine is a excellent idea. Hammer curls are exactly like bicep curls except instead of your wrists turned up, they should be facing each other. This exercise develops the long head of the biceps and helps build a bigger, fuller bicep. Be sure to keep these 5 exercises in mind for your next arm day – you will see results in no time!

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