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Body Building Revealed Review - Will Brink

body building revealed review will brinkWill Brink’s ‘How To’ guide on body building and building muscle in general is a good starting point for anyone who wants to build muscle.

The good thing is that it caters to every category of people, i.e. novices, intermediates and advanced trainers.

Will Brink is one of the most revered body building experts, as well as nutritionist. He has authored a multitude of fitness and body building articles for many popular magazines and websites. Read our review of "Body Building Revealed" to find out more about Will Brink's latest course for muscle builders.

What is BodyBuilding Revealed about?

Like the title suggests, this guide is basically about body building, muscle building in particular. Being the nutrition and supplement specialist that he is, the author starts his guide with a series of in-depth topics on nutrition.

All the nutrition basics are in this section: the basic macronutrients – proteins, carbs and fats, the sources of good fat, the sources of good carbs, the Glycemi Index, optimal protein consumption, the top ten body building foods (according to the author’s research), meat diets versus vegetarian diets and how that affects muscle growth.

Once you’ve been well grounded in the basic nutritional facts, you are then introduced to the science of eating for muscle growth. This section is very detailed and it is where you should expect to learn a lot. You are going to learn a whole load of facts about how nutrition directly affects your body – some people claim that this part alone is worth the price of the whole book.

Using the information in the first section, you’ll learn how to make your eating plan such that you maximize the benefits of your diet. The best part is that all this information is based on scientifically proven facts. Will Brink’s expansive years of research and experience come to life in this section. This section is particularly a gem for those who have been searching for the proper ways to put meals together that aid in growth.

Then comes the fun part in the nutrition section: how to organize your kitchen, your shopping and how to prepare your food. There’s even a whole chapter that dwells on how to manage your eating when you’re away from home, which can be priceless information for those times when you don’t have full control of your meals.

brink body building revealed

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The supplement section

This section is really an eye opener. The writer took extreme care in this section not to include sales and marketing hype and he based all his information on science.

Some of the things you’ll learn here include:

• The different protein powders

• Amino acids – glutamine, BCAAs, Tyrosine, Taurine, Beta Alamine, among others

• Calcium, Chromium, Vitamin C and ZMA.

• Anti estrogens

• Testosterone boosters – herbal

• Prohormones and steroids, and a lot more.

There’s a ‘supplement scoreboard’ that lets you rate supplements, but the best part is that any new supplements that are released are reviewed and posted on to the  BodyBuilding Revealed forum. The forum is one of the program’s most valuable benefits.

Then finally, the training sections crown the program. In the book’s forum, a number of ‘big name’ trainers are included – Charles Stanley, Charles Poliquin, Bryan Haycock, and many others. There’s also a discussion on whether cardio training benefits muscle growth or not, with surprising answers.

I can safely say this is the most complete guide to building muscle I have ever seen, the only downside if there is one is it's size , this thing is 630 pages long, it's a monster, but then again it has a great index and table of contents and you can just click to the section your interested in.

On the whole, this book is a must buy for those who want more from their body building and it is worth every dollar you’ll spend on it.

brink body building revealed

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Body Building Revealed Review - Will Brink