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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Reviewed 

burn the fat feed the muscle reviewHow I Went From A Fat "Couch Potato" Who Tried Every Diet Gimmick on Late Night Infomercials to Losing 63 Pounds and Now Dominating the Courts on Friday Night's "Shirts vs. Skins" Pick-up Basketball Games

Today, I am healthy, lean and athletic, but just 12 months ago my life was a wreck and I had almost given up on myself. Just getting ready for work in the morning was beginning to wear on me because I had to stare at myself in the mirror, ashamed of what I had become.

I looked awful no matter how well I dressed and I felt awful all the time. I couldn’t even hide that I was an unhappy fat guy anymore.

I’ve always been a success, at least in business, but my body didn’t reflect who I really was. My physical condition was bringing my whole life down. I desperately tried to convince myself that I was more than what I looked like – that I was strong, happy, and free. But I wasn’t those things, I was holding on to false hope and an even falser sense of identity. Somewhere, deep inside of me, there was a little voice that kept telling me “I’m more than this.”

There were many times that I got so fed up with myself, that I would try anything that promised to help me lose the weight I’d gained over the years. I was the customer who used to keep the infomercial companies in business.

I tried everything. Supplements, training gadgets and gizmo’s, diets, you name it. I even had a gym membership at one of the nicest health clubs in town at $119 a month. The cold hard truth is that everything I tried only left me feeling worse off than when I started because nothing worked.

burn the fat feed the muscle review

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The supplements didn’t work like the ads said. The fancy exercise equipment didn’t work and the training programs left me weak and exhausted, and they never helped me get any kind of a build (especially not in “just 5 minutes a day!”) The diets did nothing but dictate what I couldn’t eat, and I was starving all the time. I’ll tell you – that really messes with your head, not to mention your energy levels.

I actually enjoyed the gym membership, but every time I went in, I wasn’t sure what to do or expect. I didn’t really have a plan. I just went in to work up a sweat, and that’s all I ever got - sweaty. I blew off some steam, spent some energy, and then went home. At times, I felt a little stronger, and I would even flex in front of the mirror at home, but I knew that I hadn’t changed much at all. I was still FAT. It’s funny looking back – I actually used to reward myself with ice cream after going to the gym, as if I’d earned the right to pig out.

burn the fat feed the muscle reviewI stopped going to the gym after awhile, fed up with my lack of results, even though I was still locked into paying for it. My weight slowly started to creep up even more. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, one of my buddies recommend that I take a look at this new fat loss program they were on.

I ignored the advice, knowing I had been fooled before, but then I began to notice he was losing weight. Every time I saw him again, he looked leaner. Not only was he losing weight, apparently he was actually loving the process too. He couldn’t stop talking about it to everyone, so finally, after a few months I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I looked up the program, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle on the internet and bought it late one night. It was a download and I was glad I could read it right away because I wanted to find out quickly if this was another scam or if it could really help me. I felt like this was my last chance to lose the weight, and the last time I would ever let myself be fooled again.

While reading it, I found out that the author, Tom Venuto, was a lifetime natural bodybuilder who has gotten his bodyfat percentage down to less than 4% (After reading the book, I can tell you that anything under 10% bodyfat is like super-lean!). It made sense that a bodybuilder would be one of the best people to go to for advice about fat loss problems. Venuto has had to diet down for over 25 competitions, as it turns out.

I read chapter one that night, which is the goals and motivation chapter. It was at that moment that everything in my life came into perspective – all the failed attempts, all the troubles. I realized that my mind was working against me – my own negative thoughts were preventing me from achieving my goals. Actually, I didn’t even have goals until I was done reading the first chapter. I needed to rewire my thoughts before I could even think about changing my actions.

burn the fat feed the muscle review

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I went to bed that night with a completely different perspective, and I already had a plan for the next day. I finished the rest of the book that week, and my life hasn’t been the same since. To say that my body has changed would be an understatement, because my entire LIFE has changed. I’m enjoying things today I thought I would never experience again. I go hiking and boating in the summertime. I take off my shirt on the basketball court without a second thought! I look and feel better than I ever have.

There was a little bit of a learning curve and some number-crunching in the beginning, but as I learned more about nutrition and tried new recipes, it got easier as I went along. The best part of this program is that it takes you by the hand, and leads you one step at a time – baby steps. I didn’t do anything crazy or drastic. Just small adjustments, and those old habits that were changing began to add up.

This program really isn’t a diet, it’s a new way of living, and I was eating way more than I had on any diet I had been on before. I think the discipline you need to follow this program in the beginning was the real wake up call for me. It made me realize I was blaming my condition on everything but myself and I had actually been lazy in the past, always looking for a quick fix.

There are a lot of garbage diet programs out there. I should know because I’ve tried them all. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle really worked for me, and I would recommend it for anyone who has been struggling to lose weight for a long time without any success. I lost 63 pounds, but some people have lost more than 100 pounds and one guy lost 218 pounds. Take a look at the BurnTheFat.com website and you can read some more stories from other people. Check out the testimonials page. Good luck.

burn the fat feed the muscle review

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review