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Celebrity Weight Loss Programs: The Secrets of the Stars Revealed

Celebrities, particularly motion picture actors, television stars, runway models and other performers who are constantly in the public eye, have an image to project.

Most of them are very trim, fit and healthy looking. Make-up can cover a lot of skin flaws, but nothing will hide a flabby body.

Some of the more "extreme" stars have resorted to chemical enhancements, as evidenced by the dramatic increases in their muscular physiques over relatively short periods of time.

Most of the celebrities, however, resort to the tried and true methods of exercise, good workout nutrition and plenty of rest.

The difference between the daily regimen of an "A List" star and you and me is that they have the where-with-all to hire a personal trainer, one of the high-dollar variety.

They are coached on exercise, diet and nutrition on an almost daily basis and they eat only the purest and finest of foods, carefully selected by a well-paid retainer. Hey, they can afford it . . . in fact, they can't afford not to.

There are a number of common threads in most of the celebrity diet and fitness programs. Almost all of them engage in some form of strength training and cardiovascular exercises; from pumping iron, to weight-resistance routines, to Pilates, yoga or aerobics classes.

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Their diet regimens are mostly high protein with limited carbohydrates and lots of healthy drinks.

Several A-Listers are into macrobiotic diets of fish and seafood, brown rice, green tea and light broths. Most of their protein comes from lean meats, fish, shellfish and low-carb vegetables.

Some of these folks turn to fad diets or some quirky eating. A couple of the women stars have two or three meals a day consisting of baby food. It is nutritious, but I'm not sure that sitting down to a meal of strained beets is all that palatable.

One well known singer-actress starts the day with lemon and hot water with a dash of cayenne pepper to get her metabolism up and going.

Her solid foods consist of lean meats, minimal carbohydrates and no alcohol. She works out daily, either weights or cardio.

Another very famous model frequently in the tabloids, orders special meals from a "diet kitchen". She follows these scientifically developed meals with large swigs of apple cider vinegar.

Another one eats two or three nutritionally balanced liquid meals per day.

What does all of this have to do with us ordinary mortals? Without all the help from high-dollar nutritionists, personal trainers and a staff of retainers, we can still get the same results as the celebrity stars.

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We should establish a good workout program (our gym memberships include some program advice) and a good nutrition program, then stick to it.

Our livelihood may not depend on our good looks and trim physiques, so we have to come up with other motivations. Good looks, good health, personal esteem and an active life are a few of the better ones.

Our diets, like those of the stars, should consist of high quality protein, good complex carbohydrates, lots of water, green tea and other healthful libations. We should have a good exercise program of strength training interspersed with cardiovascular exercises.

Walking, jogging, running or biking should be a part of our activities. Those so inclined can participate in competitive sports like tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball or baseball and basketball.

We may not have the lifestyle of the "rich and famous," but we can be just as fit and sleek looking.

We can eat the same types of foods (though ours may not be prepared by a celebrity chef or nutritionist), we can exercise in the same manner (though we may not be supervised by a highly paid personal trainer) and achieve exactly the same results.

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