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How To Increase Your Bench Press Using The Floor Press

The floor press may be one of the most effective exercises for improving your bench press – and many people haven’t even heard of it!

The floor press has been used by powerlifters and bodybuilders for many years as a way to target different muscles and improve overall performance during the bench press.

This article will discuss why the floor press should be added to your routine, how to properly perform the floor press, and some simple tips for improving your floor press technique.

The floor press is a great exercise for a number of reasons. First, it allows the lifter to use heavier weights than you would normally use during the bench press. This is because the decreased range of motion allows you to go heavier than you usually would.

The action alone of holding a large amount of weight in your hands can help you become more confident and mentally strong. If you try to floor press 250 during a floor press, you will likely feel more comfortable trying that weight during the bench press.

Once your mind says, “okay, I can do this. I can lift this weight”, you break mental limitations and boundaries that you may have built up in your mind.

Another excellent advantage to the floor press is that it takes out your leg drive and stability. You may have underestimated both of these factors, but I assure you that one you try the your first floor press you will understand how much they effect your lift.

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Because your stability and leg power is taken out of the lift, it requires you to slow the movement down and pause at the bottom of the lift. It is truly a great exercise for improving those tough “sticking points” during your bench press.

Perhaps the only downside to the floor press is that a gym may not have the proper equipment for you to perform it correctly. Still, the floor press can be modified and you can use dumbbells instead of a barbell – so keep that in mind!

If you are new to the floor press it is important to perfect your technique to avoid injury and increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Although floor press technique looks a lot like a bench press there are some important things to note.

First, start with the bar resting on the rack at a height comparable to what your bench press would be set at. Grip the bar using all four fingers and your thumb, then slowly unrack the weight. As you will notice, you are fairly unstable. Make sure your feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart and lower the weight slowly.

Once your triceps touch the ground, pause for a moment but keep everything tight (abdominals, back, chest, shoulder, etc). Explode upwards with the weight and repeat! As you get the hang of it, progressively add weight to the bar.

Adding the floor press to your chest routine will surely help you see progress when it comes to your bench press. Try this exercise during your next workout and be prepared to be amazed!

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