Learn How to Build Muscle

Rowing Exercise

A correct rowing exercise has a great health impact and great benefits for your fitness level. You can stay in good shape, lose weight, compete in water sports contests, rehabilitate after physical injury or just try something new, in case you haven't rowed before.

The efficient rhythmic motion of the rowing exercise trains legs, back, abs, chest and arms. Moreover, it has the great advantage of being really easy on ankles and knees, and totally healthy for the joints as they move through a wide range of motion.

As part of the rowing exercise, the lower body (the legs) initiates the drive while the upper body completes the stroke. And since the large groups of muscles are involved in the moves, this makes an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

From a fitness point of view, a rowing exercise helps you burn calories and you improve the health of heart and lungs. The intensity of the exercise also contributes to reducing stress, being an excellent option for those in search of ways to support a stress management approach.

You will need a rowing machine for the exercise, and this kind of equipment is usually available in gyms. Purchasing a rowing machine for home use could be too expensive for an average user's pocket. The rowing machine has a sliding seat that moves while you operate the machine.

With every stroke you compress and extend the legs, with a lot of work being done by the arms and back. The power of the legs is always connected with the handle through the arms and the core muscles in the back. At the end of every rowing exercise as a complete circuit, the body gets stabilized by the abdominal muscles.

In case you exercise on different types of rowing machines, you will notice the difference in rowing exercise performance. Thus, there are water rowing machines that operate highly smoothly, and air rowing machines that are their exact opposite with moderate price and good resistance, yet noisy.

A rowing exercise on a hydraulic machine would be even smoother, while magnetic rowing machines have the big advantage of being almost completely maintenance free. Buyers who prefer a rowing exercise to any other type of physical activity should thus shop around and find out which machine meets their needs best.

It is a good thing to look into other types of gym machines too in order to make sure that the rowing device makes the right choice for you.

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