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Choosing The Right Trainer For You

Choosing a personal trainer can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. Because you will be seeing this person every week, it is important that you pick the right one for you.

When choosing a personal trainer you need to consider the cost and availability of the trainer, their experience, and your goals.

This article will outline what you should look for in a personal trainer and help you pick the best one for you!

When searching for a personal trainer it can often be helpful to ask friends or family for references. Having a first hand account of a personal trainer can help you evaluate them before ever having to spend money to meet with them.

Trainers that come highly recommended should be considered, as these are usually the ones who produce the best results, know how to motivate, and are fun to be around. If you start your process without any recommendations, look at your gym first.

Often times, your gym will offer discounts or free sessions if you sign up for personal training with them - and who doesn’t love discounts?!

Once you have decided on a pool of trainers to choose from, consider their background and training history. It is important to evaluate what types of clients they have trained in the past (marathon runners, older individuals, athletes, etc), as this will certainly impact their training style.

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Their training history should also be taken into consideration as a more experienced trainer will probably be better at designing programs and motivating you. However, with experience comes cost. More experienced and knowledgable trainers often charge more per hour, so this is something you will have to weigh and figure out what you are willing to pay.

If you have decided on a trainer and have scheduled your sessions, you should keep in mind that your journey is not over. The right personal trainer will not only make a good impression and have the right credentials, they will also motivate you and be professional while you are working with them. Watch out for trainers who cancel sessions unexpectedly or reschedule sessions with little notice. This is probably a sign that they are overwhelmed and cannot commit to training you.

A trainer that cancels all the time is just as bad as one that doesn’t pay attention to you during your session. During your session you should have your trainers undivided attention - they should be spotting you, instructing you, or motivating you the entire time. Ditch your trainer if they spend time answering calls or they seem uninterested.

The right trainer for you will also be more than willing to adjust your workouts based on your feedback and preferences. If you have an injury or certain limitation, a good personal trainer will modify exercises for you and design a workout program around your limitations.

You should also be able to approach your trainer with suggestions and ideas for future training sessions. For example, if you don’t particularly like an exercise, ask if there is an alternative that you can perform instead. Keep all of these points in mind when choosing the right personal trainer for you. While it can be a tough decision, it is one worth the trouble and effort.

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