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Common Mistakes at the Gym

Whether it is your first time at a gym or you have been going to the gym for years, it is important to familiarize yourself about gym etiquette and some of the most common mistakes made at the gym.

This article will outline these mistakes and tell you what you can do to avoid making them.

So read on to find out how to make the most of your gym experience!

First, it is important to note that not many people care about what you do in the gym - as long as you follow the rules and remain respectful of other lifters.

Being self- conscious during your first gym visit is natural, but you shouldn’t be so worried about other people that it effects your workout. Beginners are often concerned about not being able to lift as much weight as other people or not being able to use the equipment properly. These fears can be avoided by taking a few simple steps:

1. When you make or find your workout routine, take a few minutes to review each exercise and the proper technique. This can be done by reading articles or watching videos online. Using proper technique during your gym visit is very important - it can prevent self-injuries and injuries to other people. There is perhaps no better way to be respectful of people than using the weights and equipment safely.

2. Using the weights correctly goes hand-in-hand with lifting within your limits. You don’t want to be maxing out your first time in the gym. Don’t worry about how much you can lift - every one has to start somewhere. If anything, use this as motivation to improve!

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The two above points are the most important to remember during your first gym visit. Some other things you should be aware of are:

3. Putting dumbbells and weights back in the proper place will be extremely appreciated by fellow lifters and gym staff. You will quickly realize that it is a pain to search around the gym for a weight someone didn’t put back. Cleaning up after you are done is such a simple concept but one that show respect to everyone in the gym.

4. Wipe down your equipment after you’re done. The gym is practically a breeding ground for germs, but you can prevent this by cleaning your machine or bench when you’re done with it. After all, no one wants to sit on a sweaty machine!

5. Many new lifters make the mistake of not sharing the equipment. Most gyms are not equipped with 10 racks, so it is common courtesy to let people work in with you.

6. Don’t hog the cardio equipment or weights. Similar to the point above, this point requires you to be respectful of how much time you spend on a particular piece of equipment. Doing one set of squats, resting for 5 minutes while on your cell phone, then coming back is not being very respectful to others in the gym. 

7. Make note of all other rules the gym may have. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to talk to an employee.
Hopefully this article has helped you to understand how to act in a gym and what you should do to be respectful to other gym-goers. Simple mistakes can be avoided by reviewing this list and checking with gym employees before your start working out.

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