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Critical Bench Review - Mike Westerdal

critical bench reviewIt is every lifters curiosity: does Critical Bench really work? Doesn’t the claim of adding up to 50 pounds in 12 weeks seem too good to be true?

In our review of Critical Bench, we’ll break it down for all those who might be thinking of using this course.

We shall start on a good note: Critical Bench, created by Mike Westerdal, is a very legit program, owing to its host website – Critical Bench, a widely known website of repute in the competitive bench pressing category.

It wouldn’t be in their best interests to endorse a product that they were not sure about. 

The Program’s Promise

This is the most eye-catching thing about the product: being able to add 50 pounds to your bench press in 12 weeks. In any case, if we were to go by the promised rate, a 200-pound presser would bench press 400 pounds after only one year doing Critical Bench. If this was so easy, why is it that there are not so many 400 pound pressers around?

Truly speaking, these are fair concerns. The Critical Bench program can surely help you achieve 50 pounds and more but due to its intense workouts, it is not practical to run the guide in back-to-back cycles. If Critical Bench makes you a 250 pound bench presser from 200 pounds, it is not possible to head right back to the start and begin the program over again.

Critical Bench can be run successfully if done in intervals. Run it for 12 weeks months and then return to your usual body building routine for the next couple of months. This gives your body time to recover and grow. After you’ve fully recovered, you can run Critical Bench again.

The Critical Bench Features

Any review of this program would be hollow without a careful analysis of its features. This is what is included in the members’ area:

• The Critical Bench Program 2.0

This one leads the pack in bench press programs. It consists of customized workout plans based on your existing max bench press. For 12 weeks, you will follow workouts that are tailored to boost your individual bench press.

• Customized training logs

In addition to the program, you will also get customized training logs that you can carry to the gym. Each of the 1 rep max bench press has a chart. This enables you to print out your day’s workout schedule and carry it to the gym without the need to guess which weights you have to lift.

• A DVD for Bench Press basics

For the bench-press stalwarts out there who want to instantly add weight to their bench press , this is a real gem.  This DVD teaches you how to perfect your bench press and better still, you learn from a number of ‘bench press experts’. Given the fact that a lot of lifters have no clue on how to bench, this DVD makes Critical Bench worth every penny.

There are also a number of bonuses that the creator  shares in his program. While the features alone seem make the program a complete package, the bonuses make the program even better.

On the whole, Critical Bench is a well-rounded bench press guide that includes all the bases for a perfect lifting experience.

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Critical Bench Review - Mike Westerdal