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Deadly Sins of Fitness

Whether you are new to fitness or seasoned veteran, you’ll want to avoid these few “sins of fitness” as I like to call them.

These “sins” are characteristics or behaviors that will severely limit and hinder your progress in the gym and with your diet.

This article will discuss these sins and give you helpful tips on how to combat them. Be sure to keep these in mind during your next workout and while making your workout program!

The first deadly sin of fitness is laziness. Coincidently, it is also considered one of the “7 deadly sins”. Obviously, laziness and fitness or exercise are direct opposites of each other. Laziness inside the gym and out will surely lead to decrease progress and results.

To avoid laziness, think about your goals and motivation every time you need to workout or cook a healthy meal. Picture what you want to look like at the end of your program and keep reminding yourself of these goals.

Those who fail at their diets and nutrition plans are the ones who are too lazy to cook a meal and instead grab something on the go – or those who say, “I can workout tomorrow, I’m too tired today”. Remember, 90% of success is showing up!

In my opinion, the second deadly sin of fitness is complacency. Getting to comfortable with your workouts or with your meal plan can lead to a loss in motivation and slowed progress. It is important that you continually challenge yourself in the gym and in the kitchen.

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If your workouts are always pushing you to your limit, you can be sure that you are forcing your body to adapt and grow stronger each and every day. Set big but realistic goals every month and track your success – whether you want to perform 10 bodyweight pullups or limit yourself to eating out only once a week, it can be done if you identify your goals.

This next sin can have a huge impact upon your performance and progress. It is impatience. The world we live in now if full of “quick fixes” and “magic weight loss pills”. Don’t be fooled, getting the body of your dreams is hard work – and for most people, it takes much longer than a month.

The sooner you realize that this is a lifestyle change and not something that will happen overnight, the quicker you will reach your goals. By looking at the entire journey and taking it day by day, you can avoid becoming discouraged. You may fail today, but you have the rest of your life to succeed!

Make sure your diet and training program are solid and meet your goals and preferences.

Finally, the last deadly sin of fitness is fear. Don’t be afraid of failing or trying new things. Both will only make you stronger and help your realize you are capable of way more than you think. Figuring out what works for your body is an essential part of your fitness journey, so don’t be afraid to try new exercises or methods – and fail!

Hopefully this article has helped you understand the types of behaviors and traits that will hurt you in the long run. Everyone exhibits signs of these sins at one point or another during their fitness journey, but it is important that you realize this, brush it off, and keep on going!

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