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Designing Training Routines Using Periodization

Ever wonder why your workout routine isn’t getting you the results you want? Do you find that your workouts are inefficient and boring?

Lucky for you, adding the principle of periodization to your workouts can fix this monotony and ineffectiveness of your current routine!

Periodization is a principle used by almost every fitness professional and has been shown to dramatically increase progress. Read on to find out what periodization is and how it can be added to your workout program!

The principle of periodization can be described as breaking your workout into sections or “periods” in which intensity is gradually increased. As you may have learned, increasing your intensity each workout session is essential for increasing muscle size and strength.

Periodization works by increasing the intensity of your workouts indefinitely. This may sounds scary at first, but once you understand how to structure your program and your workouts you will soon find that periodization is the most effective way to design your training routine.

Before you start building your training routine you should identify some important goals that you have for yourself. Do you want to increase your bench press? Perform 100 pushups in a row? Run 2 miles? Whatever your goal, it is important that your training reflect this.

For example, someone training for a marathon probably won’t be spending too much time working on his or her bench press. Once you have your goals, figure out what exercises will help you reach them (this can best be done by searching for reputable programs or hiring the help of a personal trainer – this can help you avoid wasting time and effort).

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Once you have your program you should decide on a realistic timeline to reach your goals. For example, increasing your bench press by 20 pounds in a month may be realistic for you. Once you have decided on a timeline, figure out how you will increase your intensity every workout.

Usually, this is done by increasing the weight you lift each session, however it can also be done by increasing sets and reps or decreasing the amount of rest between sets and exercises. Changing the types of exercises you perform can also help you break through plateaus and monotony.

The great thing about periodization is that you always have a new goal each workout. Aiming for a target number of reps or a set amount of weight can help keep your motivation high – especially if you continue breaking personal records.

Periodization also works by keeping your body guessing. Increasing your intensity each workout doesn’t allow your body to adapt to your workout routine and therefore encourages it to continually build new muscle and get stronger.

For periodization to work, it is essential that you track your workouts (exercises performed, sets, reps, weight used and rest time). This will help you plan your next workouts and ensure that you are always improving.

Using a workout journal is a great way to track your progress. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what periodization is and the enormous benefits it can have for your training. Keep this principle in mind the next time you design your workout program!

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