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Exercise Machines

There are so many exercise machine types in modern gyms that when you first start using them you feel like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, which is confused, most of the time.

The trend is now for people to purchase an exercise machine to use at home and stay fit; the most popular in the home  gym category are the spinner (stationary bike), the treadmill and the elliptical trainer.

Now, the big question is whether an exercise machine makes a difference as compared to training without equipment.

Those who believe in training skills and strength enhancement independent from an exercise machine, will be attracted to an body weight training, cardio workouts and anything that keeps the body strong without an intermediary.

Such exercises give you control of your time, meaning that you will never depend on a gym or an exercise machine to exercise. Think just how great that is when you have to travel, when you have a busy week and you can't go too the gym or you are too tired in the afternoon to workout.

Sports activities don't necessarily depend on the use of an exercise machine in particular. Maybe gyms are attractive because they give people a chance to socialize, or maybe they look great because they are so modern. It is always important to choose the training option that feels right for you, regardless of what those around you say.

If you prefer working out at the gym, then, go for it. The only problem with the use of every exercise machine is that you have to know how to operate it safely and efficiently. Don't be afraid to talk to the instructor in case you don't feel sure about your gym performance.

Moreover, don't start working on an exercise machine without warming up and stretching. Experts say that you should always begin with warmup, continue with weight training, close the intense part with cardio and finally cool down.

All of these stages correspond to certain needs in the body, depending on the moment. Using an exercise machine without warm up for instance could result not just in cramps but in more severe injury that will actually keep you away from the gym from an unexpectedly long amount of time.

Last but not least, pay attention to body posture while working out on the exercise machine so that you train the right muscle group, without putting pressure on joints or ligaments. The lower back is often injured because of improper gym machine use.

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