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Exercise Threadmills - What Are They?

An exercise treadmill is a machine designed for gyms and home use. It allows the user to pace at a faster or slower pace depending on the need.

Some treadmills are manual, being activated by the user's movement. Other treadmills have incorporated engines that allow for setting a certain speed for the treading belt.

Thus, you may walk or just run, with or without an incline. An exercise treadmill is considered one of the most popular fitness equipments now available.

Lots of home owners buy an exercise treadmill for their private use, particularly as they want to stay fit all year round, since jogging is not possible during winter months.

This is one of the advantages of the treadmill, over outdoor running: you can use it on any kind of weather and in the comfort of your home, without any inconvenience whatsoever. However, there are also downsides to this item of equipment. Running on the exercise treadmill is not identical to running outside.

The difference consists in the specificity of the surface on which you run, with the treading belt putting up less resistance than tarmac, concrete or even turf. Therefore, experts say that it is much easier to work out on an exercise treadmill than outdoors.

You could overcome this minus, by increasing the incline of the exercise treadmill with 1%. Boredom of indoor exercising represents the other major downside to the use of a gym machine.

Listen to music or watch TV while using the exercise treadmill and fight boredom of indoors exercising. Otherwise, in terms of health benefits, we can raise no objections to the use of the treadmill at home or at the gym.

It provides users with an excellent opportunity for cardiovascular exercise. Modern exercise treadmill models have displays that monitor the heart rate or show how much calories you are burning during the exercise.

This is helpful particularly if you want to make sure that you've reached the target heart rate zone of the cardio exercise. It's when the heart reaches a certain rate that the body burns the highest amount of calories.

Not all exercise treadmill designs have heart rate display included. And not all users are very keen on using such a device. Some people prefer the simpler, yet cheaper models because they seem to suit their needs just fine.

Regardless of what exercise treadmill you use, remember to gradually increase the difficulty of the workouts so that you prevent hitting a plateau phase, and you maintain optimal fitness.

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