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Nine Strongman Secrets Fantastic Muscle Building Moves

Most of us work out hard and think we are doing everything right to develop that "cover-man" body that should grace the front of a muscle-magazine.

Yet we never seem to quite get there, because all of that hard work may be misdirected. We just don't know the secrets that the strongmen use to develop their bodies.

While a four hour workout every day may appeal to some of us (the masochists, I think), most of us don't have time for that regimen.

Neither did most of the bodybuilders who also had to work at some job to make a living (not all of them own bodybuilding gyms).

While training in one of those gyms owned by a "poster-boy" for bodybuilding, I had the chance to train with a couple of dedicated bodybuilders, one of whom went on to win a number of international contests.

The routine I learned from them is a killer, and only takes a relatively short time to blitz your body.

This fitness routine will absolutely tear down muscle tissue like no other. Your high-protein diet and those good supplements will assure that these muscles grow back bigger and stronger after every workout.

Body-Blitzing Routine(s) - Do the upper and lower body routines on alternate days, six days per week.

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The principle behind this regimen is to work two or three muscle groups consecutively, with no rest between muscles and only one minute between sets.

You will perform fifteen sets of exercise per muscle group in around forty-five minutes. The weights you use will be significantly less than your maximum weights in your regular workout.

Upper Body

* Triple Set 1 - Chest, Shoulders and Back.

o Bench Press, immediately followed by Alternate Dumbbell Presses, then by Wide-Grip Pull-Ups. Perform Five Sets.

* Triple Set 2 - Chest, Shoulders and Back.

o Incline Flies (Pec-Deck or Dumbbells), immediately followed by Behind-the-Neck Presses, then Seated Rowing (Lat Machine). Perform five sets.

* Triple Set 3 - Chest, Shoulders and Back. o Decline Bench Presses, immediately followed by Upright Rowing, then by Barbell Shrugs. Perform five sets.

* Double Set 1 - Biceps and Triceps. Barbell Curls immediately followed by Triceps Press Downs with lat machine or cable-and-pulley. Perform five sets.

* Double Set 2 - Biceps and Triceps. o Preacher Bench Curls immediately followed by French Presses on the bench. Perform five sets.

* Double Set 3 - Biceps and Triceps. o Concentration Dumbbell Curls, immediately followed by Dumbbell Triceps Presses (two hands, one dumbbell from behind the neck). Perform five sets.

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Lower Body

Using the same principle as for the upper body, select exercises for the quadriceps, the two muscles on the back of the leg, collectively referred to as the "thigh biceps," and for the calves.

* Triple Set 1 - Quads, Thigh Bi's and Calves: Select three exercises for these muscle groups, perform five sets.

* Triple Set 2 - Quads, Bi's and Calves: Three more exercises, five sets.

* Triple Set 3 - Quads, Bi's and Calves: Three more, five sets.

The leg exercises should include: Squats, hack-squats, sissy-squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises-standing, calf raises-seated, donkey calf raises, lunges with dumbbells, barbell lunges, side lunges, one leg calf raises.


Don't neglect your core; your midsection, obliques and lower back. At least one exercise for each section should be performed to build a solid core.

Exercises should include: Crunches (sit-up board, incline board and on the mat), leg raises (incline board, flat bench, pull-up bar and on the compound dip rack), side bends with dumbbells, twisting side bends, "good-morning" exercise with barbell, stiff-legged dead-lift and others.

I hope that you will use these nine upper and lower body multiple-sets, also the core exercises in your search for perfection.

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