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Fat Burning Furnace Review

fat burning furnace

The Fat Burning Furnace is an invention of Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen. Rob Poulos is a fitness expert who specializes in weight loss and health, and he has written widely on fitness and health subjects.

His initial attempts and failures to lose weight, coupled with poor health, is what inspired him to write the Fat Burning Furnace.

When he finally succeeded in losing over 40 pounds and managed to contain his obesity problems, he, together with his wife Kalen, used the methods now contained in his program on personal clients and got impressive results.

Does this course for real or just a hype? Read our review of Fat Burning Furnace to find out more...

Overview of the program

The Fat Burning Furnace is an eBook comprising 158 pages (minus recipes and meal plans) of fat loss methods, plus guides on how to tone lean muscle and generally improve overall health for longevity.

The core principle of the system is that fat loss does not result from a consistently low calorie intake. The author asserts that when calories are consistently cut, it leads to frequent hunger spells, cravings, and decreased metabolic rate, which means fewer calories burnt, which eventually results into dieting plateaus where an individual will not be able to shed anymore weight despite continued decreased calories.

While calorie control is included, the program’s primary direction is different, utilizing the author’s own exercise regimen and nutrition program to elevate the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Poulos gives a wide-ranging set of workouts aimed specifically at increased RMR. The nutrition component is also purposefully structured to aid the RMR boosting workouts.

The essence in raising the RMR is to increase metabolic rate so that more calories are burnt while working out, and also more importantly, when the body is at rest. Increasing metabolic rate via RMR has added advantages, such as increased energy levels and fat loss whilst annulling the need to drastically cut calories.

All the components finally come together to give a combined effect which leads to beneficial body composition upturns. Diet plans based on RMR have good repute and endorsements from respected peer reviews plus actual data supporting their efficacy.

Comprehensive Video Review of Fat Burning Furnace

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The Fat Burning Furnace exercise regimen

fat burning furnaceIf your aim is to do extended cardiovascular routines, then this guide is not meant for you. This program doesn’t suit people who lose fat by doing long cardio sessions.

The workouts focus on resistance training that you could even do at home, sometimes without a single piece of equipment.

They typically last about 25 to 35 minutes, and they focus on the whole body to maximize the fat burning effects in every part of the body. They are completed at a slow pace to burn extra calories while minimizing risk of injuries.

The good points

• The workout routines in the guide can be completed at home.

• There are no long cardio workouts that can become boring and routine.

• It includes a solid diet plan consisting mainly of natural foods.

• It suits both men and women regardless of age.

• Places focus on muscle toning strength training.

The bad points

• Basic package excludes videos.

• You have to pay extra for the physical version. ( You don't have to since the online version is exactly the same as the physical version )

• Author includes about five plugs for his favorite multivitamin company, even though a recommendation would work.

On the whole, the program sticks to the key factors – RMR, metabolic rate, healthy diet, etc – and it’s generally a solid guide. User feedback is impressive and there’s a verified database of before and after cases.

So generally, the Fat Burning Furnace is a good recommendation to any health conscious individual.

fat burning furnace

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