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Home Gym Workouts

Many people find it hard to workout at home, but others thrive in this environment. The convenience, inexpensiveness, and ease of working out at home is very attractive to people.

Unfortunately, there are many people with home gyms who have not developed a good routine for their goals.

Fortunately, whether you have a small home gym or a large one, there are plenty of exercises and workouts that will get you excellent results.

In this article I will discuss how to get the most out of your home gym workout and some excellent exercises for even the smallest of home gyms!

Not surprisingly, the routine that you are able to perform at your home depends largely on the type of equipment you have. Obviously, if you have a complete home gym furnished with dumbbells, barbells, and cardio equipment you are good to go for just about any routine.

Common sense tells me that not everyone has this type of home gym set up, and that most only have a few dumbbells, maybe some resistance bands and a treadmill or bike. Luckily, no matter how much equipment you have, you can fit in a great workout.

Going on the assumption that most people do not have a home gym with all the necessary equipment, I will be outlining a few different exercises for those with minimal to no equipment at home. First, it should be noted that almost anything can be used as a form of resistance.

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For example, if you would like to work with a barbell, simply fill two buckets (with handles) with sand and water and slip them onto the end of a metal bar or sturdy piece of wood. If you prefer dumbbells, milk jugs filled with water and sand make excellent ones. Don’t let your lack of equipment hold you back from working out - be creative!

With that said, there are many great exercise that use only your body weight. Just to name a few, there are pushups, squats, and ab exercises. Pushups are an excellent exercises for your chest, triceps, abs, and deltoids. Not only do they work multiple muscles, they can also be modified in many different ways.

You can do kneeling pushups, wide stance pushups, close stance pushups, diamond pushups, clapping pushups, leg-elevated pushups, and many more! Try incorporating these into your home workout by going to failure on each set.

As mentioned above, squats are another exercise that requires only your bodyweight. This is perhaps the most efficient exercise for your lower body. Without weight, it is important that you preform as many repetitions as possible of these.

You can also wider or narrow your grip to target different areas of your legs. For a killer leg workout at home, combine bodyweight squats with plyometric exercises like one legged hops, burpees, and jump squats.

Almost every abdominal exercise uses nothing but your own bodyweight, making them perfect for at-home workouts. Try experimenting with different ones each time and always go to failure. Hopefully this article has given you hope that you can develop an effective, fun home gym workout!

turbulence training

turbulence training