Learn How to Build Muscle

How To Gain Weight And Increase Muscle Mass

Simply put, the best and most effective way to put on weight and build muscle mass is to eat more calories and lift heavy. Unfortunately, most individuals know this and are still not getting the results they want.

This article will talk about a few simple things your can do inside and outside the gym to gain weight and muscle better than you ever have before.

Follow these tips and you will be packing on the pounds in no time!

First, it should be noted that any time your body starts gaining weight it is inevitable that you will gain muscle and fat. Yes, it is nearly impossible to gain lean muscle without as least a bit of fat.

Luckily, fitness professionals and bodybuilders have been perfecting this technique for years and there are effective ways to gain muscle with minimal fat. As you may know, to build muscle your body requires a caloric surplus. This means that if your body needs 2500 calories a day, but you eat 3000, you just created a surplus of calories.

Where most people go wrong when they try to gain weight and muscle mass is in their calorie calculation. Knowing how many calories you consume each day, how many calories you burn each day, and how many more calories you need to create a surplus is the most important thing when it comes to gaining weight.

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In order to do this, I would recommend calculating your caloric maintenance, daily activity level and then adding 500 calories on top of that. This number will equal the number of calories your body needs to function throughout the day and gain weight. To be successful in this regard, and be sure you are consuming enough calories to gain weight, it is imperative that you keep track. If you need something fast and easy, consider a calorie counting website.

As you may have noticed, I suggested a 500 calorie surplus each day. While this will result in a slower weight gain, it will ensure that you are gaining as little fat as possible. In some cases, bodybuilders even go as far as creating a 250 calories surplus to really make sure they are only building lean muscle. Experiment with different calorie intakes and find what works for you and what gets you the best results.

Now that you know what to do outside of the gym, you need to perfect your training inside of the gym. To build muscle you need to progressively overload your body. This means that every session needs to be harder than the last and this needs to continue for months or even years.

Continually forcing your body to work harder than before will build stronger, bigger muscle. To do this, make sure you are performing heavy compound lifts like the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Always keep your intensity up during sessions by either decreasing rest time or increasing reps and sets.

Following these few simple principles outside and inside the gym will guarantee that you are building quality lean muscle mass and weight!

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