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How To Get A Flat Tummy

A flat tummy is a common goal among women who first start exercising. A flat stomach is a sign of health, fitness, and a low body fat percentage, which is why it is a popular goal.

To get a flat tummy, there are a few key things that you not only have to understand, but also do extremely well. In this article, we will talk about diet, exercise, and motivation - since all three are the key ingredients for attaining that strong, ripped core.

Women must first realize that a flat stomach is the result of a low body fat percentage and strong muscle. You body fat must be low enough to see the muscle below it. This is why a combination of diet and exercise is important.

Losing body fat can be done in a variety of different ways, but in the end it equates to burning more calories than you consume. This can be accomplished by cardio, strength training, or eating less. Most fitness professionals believe that the most effective and efficient way to do lose fat it a combination of all three.

Your diet must consist of heart healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and good sources of protein. It must also include enough calories to sustain you throughout the day while keeping you at a caloric deficit. Most women make the mistake of eating too few calories. While you may see results at first, your body eventually goes into starvation mode and tries to hang on to every bit of fat you have. Find a good diet plan for your needs and stick with it.

An exercise plan is the second most important part to getting a flat tummy. Your exercise plan will help you build muscle and burn calories throughout the day. A good strength routine will include compound and isolation movements to really work your muscles. For an incredibly defined stomach, try incorporating these core moves into your routine:

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• Hanging Leg Raises: These are performed by hanging onto a pullup bar and raising your knees to your chest in a slow, controlled movement. You should feel this in your upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles. As you get good at this, try to add weight.

• Front Bridges: Start by laying on your stomach, then get into the front bridge position by raising up on your elbows. Keep your core tight throughout this entire exercise and don’t let your hips sink below parallel. You can perform this exercise for 30, 45, or 60 seconds.

• Decline Situps: These are done on a decline bench and allow you to get a full range of motion compared to situps done on the ground. Focus on using your abdominals to pull you up - not your hip flexors. Once you get good at this, add weight.

A good diet and exercise plan can be hard to follow consistently, which is why it is important to stay motivated. Look at pictures of your goal physique from time to time, and make sure to have a cheat meal once and a while. Check out more adominal exercises for women here.

Celebrate your accomplishments and always strive to be better. Hopefully, this article has pointed you in the right direction and helped you get one step closer to the ripped stomach you want!

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