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How To Get Bigger Arms

Bigger arms is something every bodybuilder and lifter are trying to achieve. Having solid shoulders, ripped biceps and shredded triceps will make you the envy of every guy at the gym. So what are the tips and tricks to getting bigger arms?

Read on to find out!

Muscle hypertrophy, or the building of bigger muscle occurs when the fluid in the muscle cells increases. This results in bigger looking muscles.

Hypertrophy can be accomplished by continually damaging the muscle tissue so that the body is forced to rebuild bigger muscles. This is important to remember because an individual’s arms will not grow unless they are consistently overloaded and challenged.

If your arm growth has stalled, consider revamping your diet or changing your routine. Often times, the protein intake for lifters is much too low. It is recommended that active individuals get at least 1 gram or protein per pound of lean body mass. This amount can be increased depending on the person. Because protein contains amino acids (the building blocks of muscle), it is essential that you get enough to build bigger arms.

As I mentioned above, your workout routine needs to continually challenge your body in order to see results. Read our article on accelerating muscle growth with progressive overload to find out more.

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Changing the intensity of your routine can be accomplished by adding more weight, decreasing rest time, increasing the number of sets, and increasing the number of repetitions. Your body can also be challenged by performing an exercise or movement that it has never done before - this is why new lifters see so much progress in the first few months.

Consider playing around with the tempo of your lifts (eg. lower the weight for 5 seconds, raise the weight for 2 seconds), or adding supersets (perform one set of 10 dips followed immediately with one set of skull crushers).

If, after altering your diet and workout, you still see no results, consider taking a few days off. This technique can work wonders if you happen to be overtraining. A few days of rest will help your arms recover, and the nest arm day you will be able to go at it full force. Remember, a good recovery is a big part of gaining muscle and getting bigger.

Lastly, supplementation can be explored if you are doing everything else right. While a supplement won’t be the answer to building bigger arms, it can certainly help. A good multivitamin will give your body the nutrients it needs to recover faster, and creatine helps supply energy to all cells in the body. It may be worth looking into a protein powder if you cannot get enough protein through whole foods alone.

A pre-workout supplement may also help fuel you in the gym if your workout in the morning or after a long day at work. The more energy you put into your workout and the more you are able to challenge your arms, the more muscle you will gain and the bigger your arms will get.

Intensity, nutrition, recovery, and supplementation are all things that should be explored when trying to grow bigger arms. Read as much as you can on these topics and really familiarize yourself on the main concepts. Knowing how your body works and adapting to changes in performance is one of the best ways to get bigger arms!

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