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How To "Lean-Out" In Seven Days: Starvation Is Not The Answer

You have just seven days before that wedding, or the swim party or the beach vacation and you still have some slimming down to get done so you can be at your very best. Starvation is not the answer.

If you cut back on food intake, you body will get the signal that starvation is imminent and it will slow your metabolism and store of your food as fat. You actually have to eat to "lean-out."

For the short term, a bodybuilder's pre-contest diet may be the answer for you. Coupled with some metabolism boosting supplements, you can lose a significant amount of subcutaneous fat in a short period.

Unlike the old joke - "How do you lose 180 pounds of ugly fat?" The answer: "Divorce" - you can actually lose the little roll over the top of your swimsuit by just adhering to a few basic principles.

First of all, up your protein intake until it is providing most of your caloric intake. With some harder and heavier workouts, that protein will become muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns seventy times as many calories as fat.

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To help metabolize that protein, you must increase your "good" fat intake so that you have the energy to adhere to your iron-pumping schedule and build muscle fast.

The good fats from meat, poultry, fish and soluble oils like olive oil, wheat germ oil and walnut oil, help your body metabolize fat and provide the energy you are not getting from the lack of carbohydrates in your diet.

You should supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a protein powder that you mix with raw milk. Raw milk has enzymes that help assimilate protein, as well as being a good source of protein.

Eggs should be a major source of the protein you ingest. Eggs are natures (nearly) perfect food, despite what the low-fat-diet advocates proclaim. Eggs are loaded with protein and metabolize readily.

Your natural supplements should include the following lipotroupes; methionine, choline, inositol and betain. These are essential amino acids produced naturally in the body and their functions are to deactivate high estrogen levels that are counterproductive to weight loss.

These lipotropic compounds clear the liver of fats and bile that are trapped in that organ. Choline metabolizes fat and aids in proper liver function. Inositol and betain perform similar lipotropic functions as well. Betain increases the production of gastric acid, a major aid in digestion of all that protein intake.

You should also take desiccated liver supplement as it will enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, thus pumping up your energy and metabolism. Kelp tablets, a natural fibrous protein source, are also used by bodybuilders in contest preparation. Also, a large slug of wheat germ oil every morning is helpful.

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Be careful not to over train. You can get as much benefit out of your muscle workout routines by working each muscle to complete exhaustion one time per week with all muscles groups spread over three workouts.

Dr. Ellington Darden, the sports physiologist, quoting Arthur Jones the creator of Nautilus fitness equipment, "Don't give bodybuilders what they want: easier, longer and more frequent exercise. Instead, I supply bodybuilders with what they need: Harder, briefer and more infrequent exercise."

In summary: Make your workouts more intense, but shorter and less frequent. Use a bodybuilder's before-the-contest diet for seven days; high protein and fats, minimal carbohydrates, and takes the supplements recommended. You should see a pleasing change in those seven days.

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