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How To Look Like A Female Fitness Model

Fitness modeling requires a high degree of determination, commitment, and knowledge.   Traditionally, fitness models focus on muscle definition and proportion, with less emphasis on size.

To sculpt your body like a female fitness model, you need to be an expert in training, nutrition, and supplements. This article will discuss these three areas and help you get the body of your dreams!

To get a ripped body like a fitness model, you first need to build muscle so that when you lose fat, you will have something to show off. Building muscle is really quite simple, it just requires time, effort, and consistency.

Progressively overloading your body and always challenging it during your workout is the key to building muscle. The harder you work, the more muscle fibers are damaged. This requires your body to repair the muscle and make it stronger and bigger than before. Try performing compound lifts like the squat, bench press, and deadlift to really tax your body and build muscle faster.

Like any new thing, these lifts will be hard to learn at first, but I guarantee you that most (if not all) fitness models utilize these exercises. Finally, performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) after your workout or on days off could be very beneficial. High intensity interval training is recommended because it can be completed in a short amount of time (between 10 - 20 minutes) and has been shown to burn fat faster than other types of cardio.

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One of the most important keys to getting a fitness model body is nutrition. Make sure you have calculated your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and your daily caloric needs. After doing so, figure out what caloric deficit or surplus you need to have in order to see results. Once you know how many calories you need, you can start putting together a meal plan.

Calculating what percentage of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat) you need should be next, followed by picking the best foods for you. As always, try to pick quality foods and ingredients so that you are always giving your body the nutrients it needs to recover and build muscle.

Supplementation can help the aspiring fitness model tremendously. A fitness model needs to be very disciplined when it comes to their meals and workout, and supplements can help you out simply by being convenient and saving you time. A protein powder can help you get adequate amounts of protein with out taking a hour to cook.

Pre-workout supplements are great if you just finished a long day at work and need more energy to complete your workout. Supplements like creatine, glutamine and BCAAs will help you get stronger and recover faster. Finally, a fat burning supplement can help you lose those last few pounds of fat before a shoot!

Because a fitness body largely depends on a low body fat percentage combined with a decent amount of muscle mass, it is important to focus on your workout routine and nutrition. If you follow these basic principles you will be sure to build the perfect fitness model body!

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