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How To Design And Maintain Your Home Gym Routine

Having a home gym is a convenient and easy way to get your workout in without leaving your house. Unfortunately, even with all the fitness equipment of a commercial gym some people can’t seem to find the right routine.

In this article I will discuss some great exercises for those working out at home and how you can get the body you’ve always wanted without stepping foot inside a gym!

First of all, when designing a workout to preform at home you need to take into consideration your goals.

Do you want to build muscle? Lose fat? Both? Do you want to train for a sport or improve cardiovascular endurance? Your goals will dramatically impact what type of routine you follow.

For general health benefits, it is recommended that individuals follow a strength training routine 3-4 times per week and get some form of cardiovascular exercise everyday. Taking this into consideration, you will want to follow a muscle building routine and add high intensity interval training at the end.

Now that you know what you routine will be structured like, you need to learn a little bit about what types of exercises are best. For at-home workouts, exercises that require little space and equipment are great choices.two great, simple workout that are easy to complete at home.

When it doubt, do pushups. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually build strong, defined muscles using only bodyweight exercises such as the pushup. Pushups are also a convenient chest exercise because they can be modified in many different ways.

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Because you might not have the ability to perform incline and decline bench presses, doing different forms of pushups can help target your upper, lower, inner, and outer pectoral muscles.

Along with pushups, squats are an excellent exercise to incorporate into your routine. Bodyweight squats work almost every muscle in the legs as well as the abdominal muscles. To get a killer leg workout in at home, try preforming around 6-8 sets going to failure. After these, move on to jumping squats and wide-stance squats. Trust me, your legs will be feeling it in no time!

This third exercises only requires one piece of equipment - the pullup bar. This compound movement is great at targeting almost all the muscles in your back, arms, and abdominals. Because there are so many variation of the exercise, you can modify it and adjust it to you skill level or the muscles you want to target.

An effective home workout can be done with just these three exercises! But, if you want something a little more challenging, consider bringing dumbbells or resistance bands into the equation. These will help you isolate even more muscles at home. Because they take up very little space, they are perfect for someone who wants a quick, intense workout at home.

A killer workout at home doesn’t have to require hundreds of pieces of equipment or thousands of dollars - it only requires creativity and the willingness to work hard! Remember to individualize your workout to fit your needs and be consistent - you will be on your way to a ripped, strong body in no time!

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