Learn How to Build Muscle

How to Get Rock-Hard in 3 Months

You're an intermediate level bodybuilder and your body has developed quite nicely. Now you have some motivation to get that chiseled-out-of-marble look.

Regardless of whether it's a trip to the beach or a bodybuilding contest, the approach is the same.

All it requires is dedication, motivation, hard work and a bodybuilding diet. No small task, but not insurmountable.

First, let's deal with the exercises. You are still going to work the same muscles, but you have to work them in an entirely different way.

You have to add new twists to the same old exercises. In this manner you will shock the muscles into growing.

Remember, you are bodybuilding not weightlifting, so going for maximum poundage for low reps isn't in this routine.

You have to be working the muscle to complete exhaustion with each set, so reps and moderate weights are the name of the game.

The object is to increase the density and size of your muscles for that "rock hard" look you desire. In order to accomplish this you must tear that tissue down so it will rebuild from all the protein you are ingesting.

Here is how you are going to modify each of your regular exercises . . . and add a few new ones . . . or more new twists on some old ones.

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Chest Workouts And Exercises

Bench Press - This is one of the oldest bodybuilding exercises and one of three lifts in power-lifting competition.

The twist you are going to add to this exercise is to bring the bar down to your neck, not to your chest.

You will also be gripping the bar with your hands about thirty inches apart, not at shoulder width as you would normally.

Your elbows will be held high with your upper arms perpendicular with your body, parallel with the barbell.

In this manner you place greater stress on the upper and outer pectoralis major that will increase your chest width and depth. All of your bench presses; flat bench, incline and decline, should be performed in this manner

Pec-Deck (Inner Pec Machine) - This machine enables you to focus the exercise on the inner pectoralis major, where the two come together at the sternum.

The twist is to sit low in the machine and keep your elbows high, making your upper arms slightly higher than perpendicular to your body. You should forcibly contract your pecs while making these moves.

Bent-Arm Pullover - An old standard for expanding the rib cage and contracting the outer pecs.

A new twist is to complete the pullover to your chest with your hands close together, then press the barbell straight up for an inner pec contraction.

Lower the bar to your chest and then back to the floor.

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Arm Workouts And Exercises

Barbell Curl - Practice this new twist on an oldie with an empty bar to learn the move.

Using an easy-curl barbell and moderate weight, stand with your feet at should width and the bar held across your hips with your palms forward. Lean your upper body back from the waist and slightly bend your knees.

Now begin to move the weight up along your body in a curling motion, straightening as you do so. At mid point your body should be fully erect and at the finish point you should be leaning forward slightly.

Reverse the move and return to the start position.

This move keeps the stress on the biceps throughout the maneuver.

French Triceps Press - Using a bench, lie supine with the barbell held in a start position at your chest with your hands close together.

Rotate your hands towards your forehead and without pausing, continue the move to a straight overhead position.

Reverse the move by lowering the weight to your forehead, then without pausing, rotate the bar to your chest. Keep your elbows at body width throughout the move.

This move pulls the triceps all the way to your elbow, giving a full stretch and contraction.

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Leg Workout And Exercises

Barbell Squat - Using a piece of 2X4 to elevate your heels, grasp and hold the bar in front at chest level.

The twist is to keep your upper body nearly erect during the move, with your shoulders over your hips as much as possible.

Sissy Squat - With your heels elevated on the board, hold the bar behind you at arms length. Perform the squat while keeping your shoulders over your hips.

In the contracted position, the bar will be under your buttocks.

Incorporate these moves into your regular workout routine and you will see results.

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