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Increasing Training Intensity

Your training intensity is one of the most important things to consider during each weight lifting and cardio session.

There are many different things you can do to increase or decrease your training intensity and it is worthwhile to know what they are so that you can adjust your routine accordingly.

This article will discuss the various things that effect your training intensity and how you can effectively incorporate them into your routine.

Intensity can be defined as a great concentration of power or force during a period of time. Increasing your intensity during your workout has been proven to stimulate more muscles in the body and increase muscle strength, power and endurance.

Increasing these abilities in your muscles will lead to more muscle gain and size. There are  common techniques for increasing your intensity during weight training and cardiovascular activities, they are: decreasing rest time, increasing weight, increasing sets, increasing repetitions, changing tempo, changing the forms of resistance, and changing the type of activities you perform.

In the next few paragraphs, I will outline each of these techniques and give you some examples to incorporate into your next workout session.

Decreasing rest time is a great way to get more out of your workout. If you normally rest for 2 minutes in between sets, try bumping it down to 30 seconds or a minute. This change in rest time will not only challenge your muscles but it will also help improve your cardiovascular endurance.

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Increasing weight is perhaps the most obvious way to change your intensity. Each session you should aim to increase your weight on at least 2-3 exercises. This helps tear more muscle fibers.

By increasing your repetitions and sets you are increasing the amount of time that you spend lifting. This leads to greater strength and endurance gains later on. Not only are you spending more time lifting, you are also lifting a greater volume of weight per workout session.

Changing the tempo of your lifts is something that most people don’t consider when trying to increase their intensity. The temp of your lift can be referred to as the amount of time you spend lifting the weight and the amount of time you spend lowering it.

For example, if you spend 2s seconds raising the bar on the bench press, pause at the top for a second, and lower the weight for a second, you tempo would be 2:1:1. For a great change in intensity, try increasing the amount of time you spend lowering or raising the weight.

The last two ways to change your intensity are to change your form of resistance and change the types of exercises you do. Eventually, your body will adapt to the exercises you perform and you will start to see a stall in your progress.

This is called a muscle growth plateau.

When you notice this try to switch up the types of resistance you use (if you use barbells switch to dumbbells) and try different activities (if you do incline bench press switch to decline).

These are all great ways to increase your work rate and intensity during your strength training sessions. Keep these in mind the next time you want to really challenge your body!

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brilliant yoga