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Advance Calf Training Technique for a Big Calf

For most amateur and professional lifters, calf muscles are often the hardest muscle to develop. Because they respond differently for each individual, it is impossible to say that one specific exercises will work for everyone indefinitely.

In this article, I will discuss the most important technique for building big calf muscles - and the one most people don’t figure out until they are well into their lifting programs.

So read on to learn how to develop some of the biggest, strongest calves ever!

Your calfs are tricky muscles, mainly because they are comprised of two different types of muscles - fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. Because of this, your calf muscle requires a variety of exercises and rep ranges to be fully stimulated. Your gastrocnemius, or the bundle of muscle right underneath your knee, responds the best to heavy weight low repetition ranges.

The soleus is the muscle that can be found underneath the gastrocnemius and responds the best to low weight high repetition ranges. This difference in muscle fibers is one of the main reasons most people don’t see results from their calf workout.

The most advanced concept or technique for big calfs is the understanding that continually challenging your calfs and individualizing your routine is what is going to get you the fastest, most efficient results. This is the biggest thing any lifter needs to learn.

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You may not understand it just yet, but you will soon find that what works for one person will not work for you. Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to make sure that you are following these concepts. Use a workout journal, online site, or word processing  program to help you.

Now that you know this important technique to building big calfs, you need to learn some effective calf exercises. Your calf primarily functions to extend the foot or lift the heel, and also helps to stabilize the knee and ankle joints. Naturally, any exercise that involves this movement will work your calf muscles. The three main exercises for this are: standing calf raise, seated calf raise, and running. 

Standing calf raises are a great exercise because they can be modified in so many different ways. They can be performed with your bodyweight, with a barbell, dumbbell or holding another type of resistance.

You can choose to stand on lift to get a greater range of motion or just do them on the ground. The angle at which you place your feet can also affect which parts of your calf you hit. Find what works best for you and gets you the best results and stick with it.

The seated calf raise offers almost as many options as the standing calf raise. This movement allows you to really focus on contracting the calf while lifting the weight up. Running, the third best exercise for your calfs, is an excellent activity to add to your weight lifting routine. If you really want a challenge, try doing sprints up a steep hill or running in sand. This will give your calfs a long, hard workout that will have them burning in no time.

Remember this simple training technique while making your calf building routine - it will save you from many months of wasted time and energy. An added bonus, of course, it a set of killer calfs!

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