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How To Box Squat

The box squat has replaced the conventional squat in many gyms across the nation. From a safety and performance standpoint, the box squat is unbeatable.

It is definitely an exercise that should be added to every leg routine – especially if your form is poor or you want to develop more leg power.

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the box squat, how to properly perform one, and other things so consider when adding the box squat to your strength training routine.

As I mentioned, the box squat is a great alternative to the regular barbell squat because it focuses so heavily on your form. If you struggle with squatting to proper depth, the box squat gives you a measurable distance to squat to. This is very helpful for beginners and those who want to squat deeper.

Because of the emphasis on form, it is also a safer way to squat. With the box squat, you learn to sit back by moving your hips and it has also been shown that rounding of the back is decreased when box squatting. Squatting to a box also develops your hip power because you explode upwards from a dead stop.

The only disadvantage to using a box while squatting is that you need to have a box. However, this problem can be easily fixed! You’ll need a box that is low enough that your hip joint ends up lower than your knee joint while sitting. You can use a stack of plates, an aerobic box, wooden box, or adjustable boxes. As long as it is stable and is wide enough to fit your glutes on, it is perfect!

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You will want to set up just as you would if you were performing a regular barbell squat. However, your foot stance will probably be a little wider than shoulder width, and you should place the bar lower on your back.

As with a regular squat, be sure to keep your back and abdominals tight and chest up. Your neck should be neutral (facing forward) and your feet should be turned out about 30 degrees.

When lowering the bar, the box will force your hips to move rather than your knees. This will help correct your form if you find yourself bringing your knees past your toes. Push your knees out and keep your back and abdominals tight.

You should remain controlled at all points during the movement. You should touch the box for a second and explode upwards. Driving your hips upward is essential during the box squat. This is the way that hip power and strength is developed. Be sure not to bounce off the box or relax once you sit down. Leaning or rocking forward are also common mistakes that people make when box squatting.

If you are new to box squatting, read as much as you can and check out some detailed videos explaining the movement. It may be hard to get the hang of at first, especially if you are used to regular barbell squats, but they are certainly worth adding to your routine!

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