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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Quadricep Mass

To achieve your goal of building an impressive and intimidating physique, there is absolutely no question that you must work your legs.

Your quadriceps are one of the biggest and most powerful muscles in the body – making them fun to build but also very hard.

Luckily, this article will discuss five of the most important exercises for quadricep development. Read on to find out how you can build huge, lean quadriceps in no time!

Perhaps the greatest exercise for your quadriceps is the barbell ATG (at the ground) squat. The increased range of motion during ATG squats is thought to increase muscle involvement, stretch the muscles out completely, and provide a better workout for your legs overall.

Understanding the technique is very important when performing ATG squats. First, unrack the weight and place you feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Your toes should be slightly pointed outwards and your abdominals should be tight.

To avoid bringing your knees ahead of your feet, stick your butt out as far as possible while keeping your chest up and sit back in a slow, controlled manner. Watch your knees as you lower and stop when your hip joint is as far below your knee joint as possible. This is called the bottom of the squat or the “hole”. Pause here for a second before exploding upwards.

A second excellent exercise for your quadriceps is the leg extension machine. This is an isolation exercise, which means that it will only be working your quadriceps. Most leg extension machines have instructions on them, but if not, ask a gym employee and make sure you understand the correct technique.

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During this exercise you should work on developing a mind-muscle connection. This can be done by focusing on the contraction of the quadriceps when raising the weight. Leg extensions are a great exercise for the end of a workout when you really want to fatigue the muscle.

The third most efficient exercise for building your quadriceps is the leg press. In many respects, the leg press is a lot like the squat in that you are lifting a large amount of weight and many muscles at the same time.

Sometimes, the leg press can be a good alternative to the squat because it doesn’t require any upper body involvement and is easier on the knees (for those with injuries). As with the squat, make sure you have a sound grasp on the technique. Move the weight in a slow, controlled manner, and experiment with different foot placings – you may find that you can target your upper or lower quads.

A fourth exercise for quadricep development is the hack squat. If you gym has this machine, be sure to make the most of it! A hack squat is a lot like the barbell squat because the weight is placed on your shoulders. However, the hack squat allows for many different foot placements and many find it easier to squat with proper form.

Last, but certainly not least, try adding lunges to your next leg workout. Lunges are great for adding size and definition to your groin and upper quadricep. Building aesthetic and symmetrical quadriceps is easy when you throw a couple sets of one-legged lunges of weighted lunges into your routine. Keep these five exercises in mind for your next leg workout!

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