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Reasons To Use Nitric Oxide Supplements

You may have heard of nitric oxide supplements but don’t quite understand what they do or how they can help you in the gym.

In this article I will discuss what nitric oxide is, what it does, how it is used in the bodybuilding world, and some of the advantages and disadvantages to adding a nitric oxide supplement to your program.

According to Wikipedia, nitric oxide is “an important cellular signaling molecule involved in many physiological and pathological processes.

Generally, nitric oxide is used in the bodybuilding world to increase vasodilation - or widening of blood vessels in the body. It is thought that this effect will help provide the muscle with more muscle.

This can produce a greater “pump” in the muscle before and after exercise. It also is thought to provide nutrients and vitamins to the muscles faster than the body could without nitric oxide supplements. Transporting nutrients faster means you can work out for longer, lift heavier, and recover faster.

Most nitric oxide supplements contain three amino acids that are thought to boost nitric oxide production in the body - arginine, citrullin, and beta-alanine. These amino acids are precursors to nitric oxide production in the body, and are found in almost all nitric oxide supplements. When purchasing a nitric oxide supplement, make sure your product contains all or one of these ingredients.

As with all supplements you intend to purchase, it is a good idea to read reviews and look over the nutritional composition of the product. Adding a nitric oxide supplement is thought to boost your energy in the gym and increase the amount of pump you get. Research has shown that increasing nitric oxide production in the body can lead to considerable muscle gains, quicker recovery and an increase in strength.

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As you can see, nitric oxide definitely has benefits within the bodybuilding world. before you use a nitric oxide supplement however, you should be aware of the side effects that are associated with nitric oxide.

Some common side effects when using this supplement are nausea and mild headaches to migraines. There have been reports of people experiencing breathing problems, vomiting, itching, and possible asthma after taking nitric oxide products.

You should also know that in some cases, it can cause sudden changes in blood pressure which can result in death.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a professional opinion before adding a nitric oxide supplement to your nutrition program.

Clearly, nitric oxide has its advantages and disadvantages for lifters. It has certainly been shown to improve performance in the gym and help build more muscle and strength. If you are willing to experience some nausea and headaches (or possibly other serious issues), for gain in the gym then this is the supplement for you.

As always, I recommend perfecting your training and nutrition program before turning to any supplements. Once you start hitting plateaus with a perfect diet and training routine you can start adding pre workout supplements like nitric oxide to your plan. Hopefully this article has helped you decide whether a nitric oxide supplement is right for you or not!

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