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Should You Use Muscle Building Supplements?

With the hundreds of thousands of supplements on the market, it is sometimes hard to tell what to use and if they will really get you results. In such a booming industry, the focus is primarily on profits, not necessarily results.

So, should you use a muscle building supplement? If so, what kind? This article will explore the different types of muscle building supplements and why or why not to use one.

When your body builds muscle, it is actually a fairly simple process. First, the muscle is stimulated and placed under increased demands. To recover, your body builds a bigger and stronger muscle with more fibers.

There are very few supplements that actually change the way your body creates new muscle. In fact, most supplements marketed as “muscle building”, don’t actually build new muscle. Instead, they help you recover or supply your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle.

In some cases, these supplements can be a good purchase - but only if you have your workout and diet in check. Turning to supplements before trying to alter your routine or diet will just lead to waste time and money. Only once you have done everything you have done everything possible to build more muscle should you purchase muscle building supplements.

The main muscle building supplements, in my opinion, that are worth purchasing are: protein power, creatine, pre-workout boosters, BCAAs, and glutamine.

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Protein powders come in several different forms: whey, whey isolate, soy, casein and egg. What type you choose will depend on your goals and own personal preference. Protein powders are a good purchase if you can’t find the time to consume enough protein through your whole food diet. Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Creatine is perhaps one of the most well-researched muscle building supplements on the market today. It works by supplying energy to the cells, and is naturally produced by your body. Adding more to your diet has been shown to increase strength and muscle size.

If you ever feel tired or unmotivated before your workout, then a pre-workout supplement may be for you. Pre-workouts usually contain stimulants like caffeine or yohimbe. They can be found in powder form, gel form, pill form, or liquid form. Pre-workouts are taken to energize your for your workout so that you can lift heavier and longer, thereby tearing muscle fibers more.

BCAAs, or branch chain amino acids encourage lean muscle growth and help recovery by promoting protein synthesis. Getting the full spectrum of amino acids is important for immune system health as well.

Glutamine is promoted as being an important supplement for increasing recovery time and helping your body cope better with the stress of a workout. Glutamine has also been seen to increase growth hormone levels in the body. Human growth hormone is the primary hormone involved in creating new muscle mass.

Remember, use supplements as a last resort. Once you have a good diet and routine, you can add the 5 supplements above to help you build muscle mass faster than ever before!

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