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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Shoulder Mass

The size of your deltoids can make a major impact on your overall physique. Big, ripped deltoids add the illusion of width and thickness to your body.

Many people don’t know how to effectively work their deltoids – which is why this article exists! I will discuss five exercises that can make a dramatic influence on the size and strength of your deltoids.

The next time you design a workout program, keep these exercises in mind and watch your progress skyrocket!

Perhaps the greatest exercise for your shoulders is the shoulder press. Not surprisingly, this exercise targets your deltoids but also works the surrounding stabilizing muscles. This exercise can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, a machine, or cables.

To target different areas of your deltoids, experiment with different hand placings and where you lower the bar to (behind your neck or in front of you neck). You can also play around with the tempo of the lift and how many repetitions you perform.

To avoid injury, always use proper technique and keep your core tight. Stabilizing your upper body while performing the exercise in a slow and controlled manner will help you see results fast.

A great exercise for the deltoids that many people don’t consider is the bench press. This exercise mainly targets the pectorals and the triceps, but it does put a lot of emphasis on the deltoids.

This exercise mainly focuses on the front deltoids, so pairing it with a rear deltoid exercise would be beneficial. As always, makes sure you are using the proper technique. The bench press can be a hard exercise to master, and using improper form can lead to shoulder injury.

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Standing shoulder flyes are a great addition to your shoulder routine. Not only do these isolate your deltoids, but they also allow you to work each arm independently. This can help prevent size differences and encourage muscle symmetry.

Standing shoulder flyes can be done with a cable, dumbbell, or machine. Whichever method of resistance you choose, be sure to keep your core tight and back straight while moving the weight. To effectively target the deltoids during this exercise, you should focus on pulling your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.

The fourth top exercise for increasing deltoid mass is the dumbbell or plate front raise. These are done by holding a dumbbell or plate our in front of your and slowly raising it until it is parallel with your shoulders.

You can alternate bringing them in front of you with bringing them to your side for an even more intense workout. Try to develop a mind-muscle connection with your deltoids by focusing on the movement and how your deltoids contract.

Lastly, your shoulder routine should include seated rear delt raises. This exercise is great for developing a fuller, more developed deltoid. Perform this exercise like a fly, but sit on a bench and bend forward. Keep your core tight and pull your shoulder blades together. Ideally, you back should be doing no work – this may take some time to perfect as it is a lot like a bent over back fly.

It is my hope that this article has providing you with some interesting and helpful tips to grow your deltoids and get the physique you’ve always wanted!

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