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Skyrocket Your Energy Levels: Get Rid of "Afternoon Letdown" & Unfinished Workouts

Did you ever watch a group of kids at play and wonder where they get all that energy? If you were able to bottle all that vim and vigor you would make a fortune selling this elixir at company break rooms in early afternoons or at the juice bar in the local fitness center.

You are not alone when you get that sagging feeling in the early afternoon, or when you just don't have quite enough oomph to finish your exercise routine.

There has been a proliferation of "energy drinks" on the market, one answer to replenishing that empty fuel tank.

Most of these highly sweetened liquids are using sugars to give your energy a quick boost, but not only do you exhaust the sugar supplied energy very quickly, they slow your metabolism so you can negatively effect your fitness program.

Besides consuming unhealthy sugars to get a boost, there are a number of other things that you can do to increase your energy levels . . . naturally! Some of them involve diet, some of them involve lifestyle changes and there are a few exercises that help, too.

Dietary Energy Boosters

Decrease your sugar consumption. Sugar causes energy fluctuations that contribute to fatigue. Eat foods and snacks that are high in protein and good, complex carbohydrates, the source of energy. Learning how to control junk food cravings will help greatly.

Increase your iron intake. An iron deficiency is responsible for much of the chronic fatigue. Eat foods that are high in iron and take a good, natural iron supplement.

Drink lots of water. A dehydrated body tires easily, so keep hydrated with frequent glasses of water.

Eat smaller meals more often. Large meals, particularly lunch, will contribute to that groggy feeling in the early afternoon.

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Eat "brain foods." Consume healthy fats like those in fish and green leafy vegetables and it will boost your brain function and energy.

Eat more protein. Protein combats fatigue.

Eat complex carbohydrates. Whole grains take longer for your system to metabolize and give a steady supply of energy, not the quick, short-lived burst that sugars supply.

Eat a healthy snack. A snack of protein and complex carbohydrates; fresh fruits and vegetables; will keep your blood sugars at a consistent level all day long.

Don't drink too much coffee. The initial rush from caffeine is not long lasting and will leave you fatigued.

Eat lots of fiber. The time-release effect of fiber will give you sustained energy throughout the day.

Click here for a more comprehensive bodybuilder's guide to nutrition.

Lifestyle Changes for An Energy Boost

Practice deep breathing. Breathing with your abdominal muscles will enhance your energy.

Always eat a good breakfast. Your body needs a jumpstart in the morning and a good, well balanced breakfast is the best way to start the day.

Don't smoke. Smoking depletes your oxygen that is very necessary for energy.

Sleep according to the sun. Sleep hormones are linked to natural light. You will sleep best when the sun is down.

Establish a sleep ritual like reading before retiring.

Kick the animals out of the bed. Pets on the bed will disturb your sleep so get the dog and cat to sleep in their own beds.

Go to sleep early enough that you awaken naturally, without requiring an alarm.

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Exercises That Will Boost Energy

Stretch daily to maintain a good blood flow to your body and brain. This will keep you from sagging into lethargy in the early afternoon.

Exercise in the early morning before work. This will shake off your sleepiness and get your blood flowing for most of the day.

Play competitive sports. Sports require some thinking and will spark your mental energy.

Go for a brisk, short walk after lunch. It will aid digestion and boost your energy.

Remove your watch and stand straight. Extend your right arm slightly, palm down. With your left hand, rub the right arm firmly from wrist to shoulder. Rotate palm upwards and rub firmly from shoulder to wrist.

Repeat this until ten repetitions are completed. Reverse and rub the left arm with the right hand.

Stand straight with feet slightly spread. Raise your hands to shoulder height, palm facing, elbows close to body. Start shaking your hands very fast with your wrists relaxed (sort of like flapping wings). Do this for a count to 100.

These two will restore low energy and awaken you. I hope that you have learned something in this newsletter.

Do you want to skyrocket your energy levels without using stimulants like coffee and toxic energy drinks? Yoga can help!

You might be surprised to know that yoga is highly popular among top body builders, but they just love it because it helps increase flexibly and balance, and makes every cell in your body bursting with new powerful energy!

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