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Teen Body Building

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Contrary to popular belief, the best time for an individual to start lifting is during their teenage years. With enough knowledge and hard work, a young lifter can build an excellent base and build a tremendous amount of muscle.

Using principles and concepts discussed in the article will help teen bodybuilders be efficient in their training.

Many professional bodybuilders start their training in their teen years. Not only does it give you an incredible sense of accomplishment, it also brings self-confidence and a solid work ethic.

Most young lifters begin their training with dumbbells or body weight exercises at home. This is a great way to start - especially if you can’t afford a gym membership or have no way to get to the gym. Start with basic exercises like pushups, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and squats. A decent amount of muscle mass can be built using these few simple exercises.

For males, strength training in their teen years is very beneficial because of the large amounts of testosterone being produced by their bodies. This testosterone makes it possible for young males to build muscle at a very fast rate.

Teens who follow a good meal plan, train intensely, lift heavy, and recover well, will be amazed at their results. This will require a large amount of dedication and consistency - especially with school and extra-curricular activities, but it can be done.

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If you are lucky enough to have a gym membership during these years, be sure to lift heavy - always challenging your body. The major compound lifts should be added to your routine: the squat, bench press, deadlift, row, and shoulder press. Progressively overloading your body during these years is the key to increasing strength and muscle mass. Your muscles must be worked intensely if you ever expect them to grow!

Along with a good workout routine, a young lifter must provide their body with quality macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is especially important that a daily caloric amount is calculated and followed.

For hardgainers, a caloric surplus (sometimes over a 1000 calories a day) is needed, and for overweight individuals a caloric deficit should be calculated. Every teen bodybuilder should get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass (if not more), to ensure strength gains and muscle growth.

Finally, getting adequate sleep and recovery time is something teen bodybuilders often neglect. Staying up till 2am and waking up at 6am is not good for your central nervous system. Sleep is needed to help your body recover from the hard workout and to build muscle. Be sure not to overtrain, as this can halt muscle growth and actually decrease your strength. If you’re feeling run-down or tired, take a few days to rest and recuperate.

As I mentioned above, the best time to start lifting is in one’s teen years! The amount of progress that can be made by just eating right, lifting heavy, and recovering properly is astounding. One of the best tools for young lifters is the vast amount of information available on the internet - take advantage of this by reading all you can on bodybuilding nutrition, training, and proper supplementation to take. The more knowledgable and dedicated you are, the better your results will be!

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Teenage Muscle Building