Learn How to Build Muscle

The Myth Of Gaining Muscle Without Fat!

Learning the proper way to gain weight could be considered an art form due to its complexity and the amount of time it takes to master it.

Unfortunately, most individuals who want to gain weight go about it in the wrong way and end up gaining much more fat than they intended.

This article will talk about some great ways to gain weight effectively and with as little fat as possible.

First, it is important to understand how and why your body gains weight. Gaining weight (either muscle or fat) occurs because your body receives a surplus of calories. For example, if you body requires 2500 calories each day to maintain your current weight, but you eat 3000 calories, the extra 500 calories will be stored as fat or used to build new muscle.

If you are new to gaining weight - or “bulking” as it is known in the bodybuilding world, then you will probably want to be familiar with how many calories your body needs per day and how many you are actually getting each day. Knowing these numbers will help ensure that you are eating enough and that you are reaching your goals each week.

To gain a pound, you need to have a caloric surplus of 3500 calories each week. Generally, this can be accomplished by raising your calories by 500 every day. It is critical that your increase in calories is accompanied by an increase in heavy strength training.

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To ensure that you are gaining as much muscle as possible with as little fat as possible, you need to start a weight training routine. Ideally, this routine will be centered around heavy compound lifts like the squat, row, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press. Perform these compound exercises in the 4-5 set, 5-8 rep range for hypertrophy and strength gains.

Now that you understand how your body gains weight and why, as well as what type of strength training program you should use, you need to learn what types of foods to eat to gain muscle without fat. It is true that if you are on a bulk you will most likely gain fat with muscle, but the amount of fat can be minimized by eating certain foods.

First, it is important that you get at least 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per pound of lean bodyweight. This amount can be calculated using a number of online protein calculators and can be adjusted depending on your progress and preferences.

Protein is an essential component of any bulking diet because it works to repair muscle tissue and is not stored as fat as easily as carbohydrates and fats. Pick foods like lean beef, chicken, fish, greek yogurt, eggs, and tofu.

Your carbohydrate consumption should consist of complex carbohydrates. These are foods like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Keep track of calories that come from carbohydrates as these can have an enormous affect on your weight.

Finally, you should include some healthy fats into your diet. These are things like olive oil, nuts, and omega 3&6 fatty acids. These are essential for building healthy muscle tissue and keeping you functioning at your best. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are building muscle mass with minimal fat!

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