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The Real Deal Body Transformation System Review - How to Burn Fat 

The Real Deal Body Transformation System Review - Sean Nalewanyj - How to Burn FatThe weight loss industry is laden with lies, hyperbole and exaggerations, which only serves to add to the problems of an honest weight loss prospect.

For sure, things like ‘revolutionary diets’, ‘miracle diet pills’, among others, abound in the industry and it can really be hard trying to cut through all this sort of products.

Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as there are still a few ‘real’ solutions that can help you lose weight naturally. One of those products is the Real Deal Body Transformation System.

This system is one of the many from leading fitness author Sean Nalewanyi. Sean is the brain behind one of the longest selling e-books on Clickbank, ‘ The Muscle Gain Truth System’. He thought it appropriate to make the leap into the fiercely competitive world of weight loss publishing and the ‘Real Deal Body Transformation System’ is one of his works in the weight loss field.

Sean makes three claims that his system intends to achieve:

• Safe and natural fat burning

• Safely and permanently toning your body

• Offers more or less every tool you’ll ever need to build a lean, sculpted, sexy body.

Those are pretty huge claims but let’s have a brief breakdown of his system to see what is actually included in there.

how to burn fat review

Core features of the basic edition

Inside, you’ll find a 261-page e-book on ‘The Truth About Burning Fat’. It’s the author’s step-by-step on how to get a lean, healthy, and defined body.

There are also six support modules that include:

• The Metabolic Ignition Workout Plan – This comprises 26 pages of a workout plan, particularly focusing on burning fat. It has all the highlights of the types of exercise you need to do every day, including exercise, reps and sets for each session. There are training schedules for a 2,3, and 4-day per week sessions.

• The Perfect Form Video Exercise Database –This is a database comprising more than 100 videos illustrating how to do how to perform the key weightlifting exercises with proper form.

• Tailored Body Sculpting and Meal Plans – This module consists of seven unique 30-day diet plans beginning with 1740 calories all the way up to 3400 (for muscle builders).

• Delicious Fat Burning Recipes – Here, you’ll find 35 tasty meals that are calorie counted, with quick and easy preparation.

• Fat Burning Supplement Reviews – Sean brings you the results of his detailed research into the world of supplements.

• Body Progress Tracking Tools – Here you’ll find 5 tracking booklets to track your progress with this system.

The Ultimate Edition is offered as an option once you purchase the basic edition. It is basically an upgrade of the basic edition, and comprises all the aforementioned components plus five other key features. The basic edition goes for $47, while for the Ultimate edition, you part with $77 to get your copy.

One of the major negatives that users of this system have given is that there’s simply too much stuff. And this is something that will not suit individuals with a short memory span.

On the whole, this system will give you about 80 percent of what you need to successfully lose weight; the other 20 has to come from within you. it’s up to you to take action and apply the tips and methods elaborated in the modules.

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The Real Deal Body Transformation System Review - Sean Nalewanyj