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Tips on Developing a Safe and Effective Weight Lifting Program

When looking for an exercise program, it can often be hard to determine what program will meet your needs and get you the results you want.

A weight lifting program will depend largely on your goals and what you want to accomplish. This article will discuss some important aspects of an weight lifting program and some tips on developing your own.

First, a weight lifting program should be custom made for the individual. This means that if you are a beginner wanting to lose weight, you should be doing a program designed for advanced powerlifters.

While this may seem like common sense, it is easy to pick a routine with fancy exercises and elite techniques because you want to get results. Try to push these feelings aside and stick with a routine made for muscle building beginners.

It is important to pick a routine that matches your experience level because learning the technique of each exercise is critical. For example, you can’t jump into doing a clean and jerk without first learning how to properly deadlift, snatch, and press. It is generally recommended that beginners start by learning the three basic compound lifts - the squat, deadlft and bench press.

Performing these exercises and getting the technique down will help you build a strong base. Once you have mastered these exercises, you can slowly add in isolation exercises to help work the muscle group even more.

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When developing your own weight lifting routine, always remember to warm up before each session. Warming up is a huge component of your program because it has been shown to prevent injuries and keep you less sore the day after. Safe weight lifting programs also focus on the technique of the exercise.

Weight lifting can be a dangerous activity if not done properly. To avoid hurting yourself and other, read all instructions on the machines, watch videos of exercises before you do them, and when in doubt ask an employee at your gym to help you.

Now that you know to pick a routine that meets your needs, involves compound lifts, and is safe, you need to learn how many repetitions and sets of each exercise you should do. Generally, performing 1-5 reps of an exercise is for strength, 6-8 reps of an exercise is for hypertrophy, and 8-12 reps is for endurance.

Once again, depending on your goals you will pick a certain rep range to work in. You can always vary this, and in fact, this helps to challenge your muscles even more. How many sets of each exercise you do depends on how you’re feeling, how much time you have, and how fatigued the muscle is. Try to work in the 3-5 set range to start, and adjust as you see fit.

Developing a safe and effective weight lifting program is mainly about tailoring it to your goals, focusing on technique and safety, and learning all you can about different methods of training. Try visiting  the website below for a list of great exercise programs that you can modify to meet your goals.

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