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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Forearm Mass

Your forearms are not typically a muscle you intentionally isolate during training, however, you may need to if you want to develop more strength and muscle mass.

Because they are rarely isolated, it can be tough to think of forearm exercises to incorporate into your workout program.

Luckily, this article will discuss the top 5 forearm exercises and explain why they should be included in your workouts.

So read on to find out how these exercises can help you build massive, ripped forearms!

One of the best ways to isolate your forearms is by doing forearm or wrist curls. These can be performed standing or sitting, and you can use a barbell, dumbbell, cable, or EZ bar. Seated wrist curls should be done by gripping the bar with both hands and placing your forearms on your thighs.

With your wrists hanging off the end of your legs, slowly raise the weight and contract your forearms. Keep the motion fluid and controlled. Standing forearm curls are done in the same way except the bar should be placed behind you.

The seated wrist curl allows you to get a larger range of motion while the standing wrist curl places more stress on the muscle during their peak contraction. To develop both the wrist extensors and flexors, be sure to add reverse wrist curls to your routine as well.

Working on your grip strength is a great way to improve muscle mass in your forearms. This is why the deadlift is such a great exercise for your forearms. You should start deadlifting using a double overhand grip. To continually challenge your forearms, don’t add chalk or straps until you absolutely have to. Relying on your forearms during this lift will encourage them to grow.

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One exercise you probably haven’t heard of is the plate pinch. Unlike other exercises, this exercise is done for time instead of reps. Start by grabbing two plates of the same size and place them together.

Then, grip the plates with four fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. Hold the weight at your side and see how long you can hold them for. This exercise will develop both the extensor and flexor muscles of the forearm.

Like the plate pinch, the dumbbell hold is an excellent exercise for your forearms. As the name suggests, you will begin this exercise by picking two dumbbells of the same size. Grip the dumbbells tightly and hold them at your side.

Your core should be tight and your back should be straight. Hold on to the dumbbell as long as you can – you should feel the burn after about 30 seconds. Increase the weight each set!

As I mentioned, working on your grip strength will increase forearm strength and muscle mass exponentially. Pullups are a great exercise for developing your grip. Adding a few sets of these to your workouts will surely help you see results! Hopefully this article has given you a few great ideas when it comes to building forearm mass and strength. Keep these 5 exercises in mind for your next workout!

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