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Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Hamstring Mass

Your hamstrings are one of the biggest muscles in your leg – would it be great to have huge ones to show of?

You’re in luck! This article will discuss the top 5 exercises for building hamstring mass and strength.

Proper technique, rep range, and how to incorporate these exercises into your leg routine will all be discussed.

So read on to find out how to build your hamstrings faster and more effectively than ever before!

Perhaps the best exercise for developing your hamstrings is the squat. This compound exercise works multiple muscles at once – and your hamstrings are no exception! To get the maximum hamstring activation during squats, be sure you go below parallel each rep.

This will stretch out the hamstrings and ensure you’re hitting them hard. As will all exercises, make sure you are using the proper technique and performing the exercise in a controlled manner. This will get you the best results and prevent injury.

The second exercise that isolates the hamstrings really well is the hamstring curl. This exercise can be done either standing or seated, and it great for hitting the muscle after doing heavy compound exercises.

During this movement, focus on contracting the hamstring and building that connection between your mind and the muscle. This exercise is best done in the 5-8 rep range for hypertrophy and the 10-12 range for building your muscular endurance.

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Deadlifts are the third top exercise for the hamstrings – which many people don’t know. A large portion of people believe that the deadlift works the lower back and quadriceps the most, and they completely forget about the hamstrings. Your hamstrings are activated towards the end of the lift, when you drive your hips forward.

Your hamstrings and glutes are the main muscles responsible for this action.  While the deadlift is one of the most complicated exercises to learn, it is also the one most worth learning if you wish to build hamstring strength and mass.

The leg press is the fourth top exercise for developing your hamstrings. This exercise allows you to lift a large amount of weight without having to put a bar on your back. This makes it ideal for those with leg or upper body injuries.

To get optimal muscle activation during the leg press, try placing your feet higher up on the foot pad. Placing your feet like this will increase the stretch you get in your hamstrings and ensure that you are lifting the weight more with your hamstrings than with your quadriceps.

Lastly, the fifth best exercise for your hamstrings is the GHR – or glute ham raise. If you gym has this machine you’re in luck! If not, a modified version can be performed on the back extension machine.

To start, place your legs in between the two foot cushions – you should set the hip pad so that it falls in between your hip and leg. Slowly lower yourself until your are almost perpendicular to the ground. You should feel a good stretch in your hamstrings. Raise yourself up by contracting your glutes, lower back and hamstrings.

This is a great exercise for isolating your hamstrings! Hopefully this article has given you several different exercises to incorporate into you hamstring routine!

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