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Exercises To Build Big Triceps

Your triceps compose almost two-thirds of your arms and are by far the largest muscle. If you want ripped arms, it is extremely important that you kill your triceps every workout.

This article will review some effective and intense tricep exercises and provide you with a sample workout to get your triceps bulging in no time!

Your triceps brachii (or triceps for short), is the muscle on the back of the humerus. It is responsible for extending the elbow or straightening the arm.

Your tricep actually contains three bundles of muscles, which all originate at different areas but come together at the elbow joint.

As mentioned, the triceps is responsible for straightening the arm, which means that any exercise that involves this motion will work the triceps. A few of the best tricep exercises are: bench press, close-grip bench press, dips, skull crushers, cable pushdowns, and standing tricep extensions.

The bench press and its variation the close grip bench press, is the best exercise for the triceps. When performing the bench press, you have the ability to lift a large amount of weight, compared to exercises that isolate the triceps.

While the bench press primarily works the pectorals, the triceps are responsible for stabilization and extension of the arm. A closer grip will ensure that more emphasis is placed on the triceps while a wider grip focused more on the shoulder and chest.

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Dips are the second compound exercise that is great for the triceps. The dip can also be modified depending on your strength (more weight can be added via a lifting belt and weight can be decreased by doing them on a bench).

As far as isolation exercises go, skull crushers are perhaps the best exercise for the triceps. Skull crushers are performed while laying on a exercise bench. Using dumbbells or an EZ bar, bring the weight above your head as if you are going to perform a chest press.

Instead, bend your elbows and bring the weight down towards your face (hence the name skull crushers). Make sure you keep your elbows close to your perpendicular to your body and your core muscles tight.

Cable pushdowns and standing tricep extensions are two great isolation exercises to exhaust the muscle at the end of a work out. Both should be performed with your elbows as close as possible to your body. This prevents flaring of the triceps and helps target the muscle better.

Combining these five exercises into one routine is the best way to build big triceps. As always, be sure to decrease rest time or increase either the weight, reps, or sets each workout in order to force your body to adapt and gain muscles. Follow this simple routine for bigger, ripped triceps:

Bench press 5 x 12
Close-grip bench press 5 x 10
Skull-crushers 4 x 12
Dips 3 x 10
Cable pushdowns 3 x 10
Standing tricep extension 3 x 10

These six exercises are guaranteed to help you build bigger triceps. Remember, you can always modify an exercise or tweak the routine to match your preferences. Now go and blast some triceps!

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