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Top 5 Exercises For Building Insane Triceps!

Your triceps comprise almost two-thirds of your arm! If your goal is to build ripped, defined arms, then there is no excuse to not work your triceps.

Many people neglect their triceps and as a result, do not see the results they want. Luckily, this article will describe five of the top exercises for building insane triceps.

Follow these simple instructions and watch your arms explode!

An exercise that has worked for many professional bodybuilders is the overhead tricep press. This exercise can be performed with dumbbells, cables, and EZ bar, or a barbell. It is important that while performing this exercise, you keep your arms as close to your side as possible.

This targets the triceps more effectively and encourages tricep involvement. As I mentioned, this exercise can be done using several forms of resistance – it can also be done seated or standing. How you perform it will depend on your preferences and how your triceps respond to different variations.

Skull crushers are the second top exercise for your triceps. As the name suggests, this exercise is done laying on a bench with the weight held over your head. Keeping your upper arms perpendicular to your body, slowly lower the dumbbells, EZ bar, or barbell towards your forehead.

Be sure to keep your elbows tucked in to really target the triceps. Make sure you have a good grip on the weight – because if you don’t, as you can imagine, your skull will be hurting.

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Many people don’t consider the bench press as a good exercise for the triceps. And while it doesn’t necessarily isolate the triceps like the exercises above, it does place a large amount of tension on them.

To increase tricep involvement during the bench press, try moving your hands closer together. This is called a close-grip bench press. You will not be able to move as much weight as you do during a normal bench press, but your triceps will sure get a workout! As always, make sure you use proper technique and form to avoid injury and build your triceps efficiently.

A forth exercise for your triceps is the tricep pushdown. Traditionally, these are done using a rope or bar attachment on the cable machine. By tucking your arms into your side and slowly pushing the weight down, you can really get your triceps burning. As with all tricep exercises, it is important to keep your core tight and back straight to ensure that the triceps are the only muscle working.

The last effective exercise for tricep building is the tricep kickback. This exercise allows you to work each arm independently – this can prevent uneven muscle development and promote muscle symmetry.

You have probably noticed that when performing tricep exercises it is critical that you keep your elbows as close to your body as possible – don’t forget this during the tricep kickback! Also, don’t swing the weight – this is a common mistake and can lead to injury.

Hopefully this article has given you many ideas about how to improve the strength and look of your triceps. Keep these five exercises in mind for your next tricep workout!

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